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18 April 2014

Ordo Missae for Good Friday
from Sancta
Feria VI In Parasceve begins on page 265.

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Venerable Fulton J. Sheen – The Last Good Friday

18 April 2014


Venerable Fulton J Sheen – His last Good Friday Homily

“See Mother, I make all things new…”

18 April 2014


Below is the Full HD version of the Passion of the Christ. The scene between Our Lord and Our blessed Mother starts at 1:17


My Good Friday Moment: Sofia reflects on the Holiest Day of the Year

18 April 2014

I have been in love with my Roman Catholic Faith since I can remember. If I had to pick out the moment my heart belonged to the Church, it would have to be My First Holy Communion Day . I was just short of my eighth birthday when the Blessed Sacrament first touched my lips. By no “accident of birth”, it was several years before the changes of the Second Vatican Council were ordered implemented and so my special day was in Latin in the misnamed “old Mass”.

To me, there was nothing “old” about it. I was in a magnificent white dress and veil, just like a miniature bride. The nuns (who still wore full habits including a sheer back veil over their face during Mass with the parish) had taught us well. I understood Who I was receiving and how that was possible. Yes, even at 7 3/4 years old it is possible to understand Transubstantiation!

The Holy Mass was offered in all it’s glory, replete with Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus sung at the moment I received My Lord. I remember to this day, waiting and trembling with goosebumps what was about to happen. (I’m getting goosebumps writing about it)

Yet, I always felt like more was to come. During the holiest week of the year – Good Friday, five years later, it happened. I was older, wiser (so I thought) thinking everyday about the day I could enter the Religious Life and be with Him forever. I wanted to be a Carmelite, of course, and to walk in the shoes of the girls Martin and share my Spouse with the other nuns.

I had asked my Mom if I could go to church on that Good Friday at noon. The Liturgy of Good Friday did not start until 3pm. My mother, not surprised by my youthful exuberance, looked at me and said, “I guess you want to be alone there from noon to 3.” I love my mother. She got it, she knew exactly what I wanted to do and didn’t make a big deal out of it. She was coming back at 3 with my Dad and the rest of the family. She scurried me upstairs to get ready and I was dropped at the steps of the Church at 11:50 am, right on time.

The church was open (of course it was, remember this was awhile back) and I walked in thinking that there would be others to sit and pray during the three hours that changed the world. I was delighted (in my childish way of being selfish) to have the Church to myself. The preceding evening, my family and I attended Holy Thursday Mass witnessing a moment from Heaven with the magnificent music and the Altar of Repose. (My Dad always did the Altar of Repose for the parish, so I am subjective). My favorite part was after the Procession with Our Lord and the “Pange Lingua” I would run back to the church to get a front row seat for the Stripping of the Altar. “Deus meus…” was chanted as all the magnificent trappings of Holy Thursday were put away. When it was finished I would sit there while my family prayed at the Altar of Repose and I would stare at the open and empty Tabernacle that had just held the King of Kings. Good Friday was around the corner and I couldn’t wait. It was always my favorite day of the liturgical year and still is. Chanting the Reproaches every year, I still feel the sense of awe but also feel the cleansing effect of the Precious Blood spilled for me and for the many.

I am so sorry, as you can see I get swept away! I entered the church very quietly, whispering a prayer of petition that no one would be there. My prayer was heard and answered. I spent the next 2 1/2 hours by myself in the stillness of an empty church. The Blessed Sacrament had been taken out of the Altar of Repose and placed in the wooden tabernacle in the sacristy. The doors to the Sacristy were locked tight and the Sanctuary candle dark. The Tabernacle on the high Altar (no altar tables forced into the Sanctuary obstructing the view of the Holy of Holies) was wide open and empty as the night before and the lingering smell of incense still hung in the air like mist to the senses on a rainy day.

I sat in the first pew on the right. I remember that the stained glass windows were open and the sunlight and warm, sweet Spring air drifted in like a pilgrim to witness this holiest of days. I remember tears coming to my eyes but having a smile on my face. I sat back against the pew and then it happened. A whisper in my ear. It startled me that I sort of jumped and turned to the right. No one was there. I wasn’t frightened as one would think. I firmly believed in my Guardian Angel so I sat back with an even bigger smile on my face. This day was for me and Him. He died for me and I would die for Him. If that meant dying to the world and going to a monastery, great! If it meant being a martyr, I was ready.

What I was not ready for was what happened next. There comes a time in a Carmelite’s life or in the life of anyone desiring to be a mystic, that intense prayer and abandonment to Divine Providence can bring you to a place unimagined by the human mind.

I heard the voice of Him. He said to me, “You will always belong to me”. As I leaned back unafraid, I felt as if my head was on His Shoulder. In the still, small voice of my heart He spoke and I came to Him.

I am not a visionary. I am not one who hears interlocutions. I am not a mystic, but someone who strives for mysticism. I experienced a sliver of what mysticism means. From that day I have never been the same. I know that those reading this want me to give you a happy ending like my Jane Austen novels. God willing, it seems now that might just happen. His plan for me might be different than the fascination of a young girl desiring the Religious Life but His Plan is HIS PLAN for me…

His Plan for all of us in the Body of Christ? That is much more clear. No matter how the world attacks Him and His Church, His Pope and the Truth, we will survive. He promised us that.

Pray for the Holy Father and for Pope Emeritus Benedict…and please remember these are OUR HIGH HOLY DAYS! Let us show the world who we are: Roman Catholics who are willing to suffer and die for our Faith…

In His Suffering, Death and Resurrection,


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“Good Friday” by Nikita Unverzagt OP

18 April 2014

Reprinted from last year…

Good Friday

by Nikita Unverzagt OP
“The unpaved path that is my journey towards God…”

If I could pick a day in the liturgical year that I love the most other than Easter (Well the Vigil) it would be Good Friday.
Before noon I was already at the back entrance of the parish, praying the Liturgy of the Hours. I wore all black, as I normally do especially today it is a joyous mourning you could say. I placed my Dominican scapular on. (I tell you I looked the opposite of the Dominican Friars, Brothers, and Sisters) Thanks to Fr. Michael, O.P. I was able to enter the parish.

I walked into the stillness that form the aura of the chapel. Jesus is not there; He had been stripped away from the altar as He had been stripped from His Disciples to be taken to the chief priests.

I sat there looking at the bare altar and thought of something, the bare altar is our life without Jesus. It is a beautiful structure, but it is just that and nothing more. We can add things to the altar but it just make it a more beautiful structure, but with Jesus it is a place that holds something greater than itself. We can see that in ourselves in many examples.

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St Alphonsus Liquori’s Most Unique Devotion – The Clock of the Passion

17 April 2014





Sir Anthony van Dyck, Christ Crucified with the Virgin, Saint John, and Mary Magdalene, c. 1628-30

Sir Anthony van Dyck, Christ Crucified with the Virgin, Saint John, and Mary Magdalene, c. 1628-30

St. Alphonsus (1696-1787) devised the Clock of the Passion as a meditation for Passion-tide during Lent to follow Jesus the last twenty-four hours of His life on this earth. His intent was to motivate each person to cherish a tender devotion towards Jesus Christ in His Passion. The events are put in sequence as found in Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

We have assembled beautiful religious art on the Passion of Christ to coincide with St. Aphonsus de Liguori’s time line placed at the top of each painting. In addition, we have added excerpts from approved Church Litanies to encourage prayer as you meditate on the Passion of Our Lord. In addition, new meditations have been added from the book “The Passion Clock” by St. Alphonsus Liguori. The music chosen is Miserere mei, Deus (Have mercy on me, O God) by Gregorio Allegri, who was a priest, composer and singer.

The Passion Clock may be utilized at your own pace and the music lasts for over nine minutes and is set on repeat. If you would rather have no music, simply adjust the volume settings on your computer.

Prayer by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

O my Jesus! I pray Thee make me always remember Thy Passion; and grant that I also, a miserable sinner, overcome at last by so many loving devices, may return to love Thee, and to show Thee, by my poor love some mark of gratitude for the excessive love which Thou, my God and my Saviour, hast borne to me. Amen.

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