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A Prayer of Supplication for Trinity Sunday

31 May 2015

Supplication to the Holy Trinity

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Ps. lxxxvii. 2: “O Lord, the God of my salvation: Let my prayer come in before Thee;
incline Thy ear to my petition.”

Have mercy on us, God Most High!
Who lift our hearts to Thee;
Have mercy on us worms of earth,
Most Holy Trinity!
How wonderful creation is!
The work that Thou didst bless;
And oh! what then must Thou be like,
Eternal Loveliness!
Most ancient of all mysteries!
Before Thy throne we lie;
Have mercy now, most merciful,
Most Holy Trinity!
O Majesty most beatiful!
Most Holy Trinity!
On Mary’s throne we climb to get
A far-off sight of Thee.
When heaven and earth were yet unmade,
When time was yet unknown,
Thou in Thy bliss and majesty
Didst live and love alone.
O listen, then, Most Pitiful!
To Thy poor creature’s heart;
It blesses Thee, that Thou art God,
That Thou art what Thou art!
Thou wert not born, there was no fount
From which Thy Being flowed;
There is no end which Thou canst reach;
But thou art simply God.
Most ancient of all mysteries!
Still at Thy throne we lie;
Have mercy now, most merciful,
Most Holy Trinity.

Source: CatholicHarborofFaithandMorals.com

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