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Best Post on “Laudato Si”: A Catholic Primer

24 June 2015

Editor’s Note: As usual, we go to Lisa Graas to teach when the Teaching is confusing. Lisa puts “Laudato Si” into perspective for Catholics in the pews. As only Lisa can do.

Laudato Si: Catholics not bound to papal remarks on science and politics

Posted by Lisa Graas. at her blog, Lisa

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Are you looking for a summary of Laudato Si? Look no further than Michael Voris’ explanation on why Catholics are in no way bound to points which appeal to “science” and politics rather than faith and morals. Because Laudato Si is primarily a political document that relies on flawed science, it is not a binding document.

Voris rightly asks for prayers for Pope Francis who has apparently surrounded himself with bad advisors.

WATCH NOW via Church Militant.

Mind you, some will say this is a cynical take on Pope Francis. It is an important reality of Catholicism that it has ever been so (and always will be so) that no Catholic is bound to anything a pope says that is outside the area of faith and morals. Scientific “facts” delivered by any pope are never required for belief among the faithful. Neither is any political “solution” bound on the faithful. Papal infallibility never covers science or politics. It only covers faith and morals.


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