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First Recording of a Pope circa 1903 from Creative Minority Report 3/30

30 March 2010

From our astute colleagues at Creative Minority Report, a recording and film of Pope Leo XIII. In a day and age where every move Pope Bendict makes is recorded let us realize that the technology can be used for good. Viva Pope Benedict XVI in the spirit of Pope Leo XIII!

“This is kinda’ cool. The first ever recording of a Pope. Pope Leo XIII recites the Ave Maria.”

“Pope Leo was also the first Pope to be filmed on a motion picture camera.”

Posted by matthew archbold at 6:30 PM on Creative Minority Report

How Does Your Garden Grow? ……

30 March 2010

Operation Garden Plot

[Acquired via a circuitous route from the Internet. Sources have been deleted to protect their identity. Thanks to the tireless work of you guys out there. If the guy(s) who gathered this great scoop wish to be identified, please email me. Forest<> ]

The United States Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2

The following information was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The original printing was of June 1, 1984. The information herein is UNCLASSIFIED and does not come within the scope of directions governing the protection of information affecting the national security.
It took a little more than three years to obtain a full copy of Operation Garden Plot from the U.S. Government, and was done so under the freedom of information act for unclassified documents. The implications within the full context of this document should make the hair on the back of your head stand on end!!!!!
In this document signed by the Secretary of the Army, is hereby assigned as DOD Executive Agent for civil disturbance control operations. Under Plan 55-2 he is to use airlift and logistical support, in assisting appropriate military commanders in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and US possessions and territories, or any political subdivision thereof.
The official name of this project is called “Operation Garden Plot.”

Hutaree Raided by ATF, Charged with Sedition: What about Mosques

30 March 2010
Monday, March 29, 2010   by jrchaard

In a previous post, I mentioned that the Obama administration will now move toward silencing the opposition. This morning, news broke that a “christian” militia group was raided with 9 taken into custody. This group, called the Hataree, were initially only quoted from their website as saying that they would defend themselves and other Christians as well as defend the Word. I immediately wrote a blog that said it sounded fishy and a little bit of a stretch for them to get raided. I removed my post when it came out that they were planning attacks against police, which is indefensible. I would not want to appear in any way to support such a thing, which I still do not.
However, it is now coming out that they are being charged with sedition, conspiracy to commit violence. Now that sent me right back into smelling something fishing. Of course, our good friends at the ATF, responsible for the deaths of 20+ children in Waco, TX, were responsible for the raid. Now, we must certainly take action against those that intend to commit violence, but I question how sedition is being used here. How many left activist have threatened and even caused violence. Hello weather-underground and Obama’s good friend, David Ayers. How many mosques are preaching hate and violence against our government. So, is it not odd that a “right wing christian” group would be the source of our first charge of sedition in my memory. This is scary stuff.
Scarier still is to read the indictment. I wonder why this hasn’t been applied to the left. Why we haven’t heard a case since 1961 of the Smith Act being applied.

Editors note: I would strongly caution Christians not to hand out reasons on silver platters to the ‘authorities’ that would justify them coming down on us full force. As Christians, we need to remember what Jesus taught. Yes, we can DEFEND ourselves … this does NOT mean to cause harm FIRST. If just HALF the effort of organizing violence was put into SERIOUS PENANCE & PRAYER, I think it would do a world of good … in this world AND the NEXT!
God save the USA!

Palm Sunday at St. Peter's Square: Pope says Jesus the right path for becoming truly human

28 March 2010

Pope: Sacrifices are possible if they have meaning

28 March 2010

White supremacists, abortion backers alike in key ways

27 March 2010

by Bishop Robert Vasa

Editor’s Note: Still praying to find Charity in my heart towards those wayward nuns, thus another post to explain what I would like to write today.
Mea culpa, Sophia.

BEND — This past weekend I was blessed to enjoy one of the most scenic and delightful areas of eastern Oregon.

The trip was not excessively long, only about 400 miles for the weekend, and all of it exceedingly pleasant. The trip was to St. Elizabeth of Hungary at John Day and its two missions, St. Anne at Monument and St. Katherine between Dale and Long Creek.

There were confirmations at both St. Elizabeth and St. Anne with Mass at St. Katherine Church. Monument is located on the North Fork of the John Day River and the church, perhaps the smallest in the diocese, overlooks the river. The drive from Long Creek to Monument is not the most severely contortioned road in eastern Oregon but it certainly qualifies among the top 10. Because Monument sits on the edge of the John Day Fossil Bed area, the surrounding geography shares the same extraordinary features. The remoteness of the area and the ruggedness of the terrain precludes a large population base and so there were eight people at Mass in Monument and possibly 10 at Dale.

One of the interesting developments at John Day is the announcement by the Aryan Nation, a while-supremacist group, of their intention to build a new base of operations and presumably a camp to recruit and train members of their organization. The news reports indicate that they have met with an overwhelmingly negative response from the community. Good for them! It is important to note that the Catholic priest stationed at John Day is black. He is one of eight Nigerian priests from the Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy Religious Community serving in the Diocese of Baker. He admitted that it is a bit frightful for him to consider what it means for this group to be moving into his parish, but was very clear with me that his fear was a natural human fear that did not in any way shake his trust in God. It is interesting to note that this group, which has some rather severe views on race and religion, is bemoaning the perceived discrimination against them. Now that is remarkable. I expressed to the people my gratitude for their willingness to stand up for what they know to be the truth and encouraged them to make it known that members of any race or religion are welcome but that some ideas are simply unacceptable. More…

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