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Sofia's almost back….La Vita e Bella: " I finally "get it " !

29 September 2010

Just a short note to let our readers know what’s happening at AlwaysCatholicBlog.

I have made a decision with my fiance to finally get serious about addressing my heart-related health issues.

The Doctor I have is truly a gift from Our Lord and have finally decided to really give life a chance and to listen to her.

When one its faced with life-threatening illness of whatever sort, the usual thing is to embrace denial. I had lived that way for the last 15 years and have only decided now to finally fight for this wonderful life that God has given me.

Our Lord has sent someone into my life when I least expected it. Divine Providence comes to all of us in many ways, remember that…

We will be back posting in the next few days. The doctors,nurses, staff and administration here at the Neptune Rehabilitation and Care Center in Neptune, NJ agreed that the blog is a necessary part of this recovery process for me.I always remembered something my Doctor told me, “A happy heart is a healthy heart.” Well here at Neptune Rehab Center they firmly believe in happiness helps to heal and will do everything possible to make that happen. I will be doing a piece every week about my experience here & how it affects my life and ultimately in what I write on ACBlog…

There is Internet access here and I have my trusty laptop and my Droid by my side to be able to get ACBlog rolling full steam ahead. I had said I would be back sooner but that was before the Emergency Room visit which led to my admission to the hospital and then the life-changing decision to finally go to a special longer care hospital to get completely well.

I want to thank @ancient soul & @commonpatriot both people whom I can truly call family. They have helped me in my quest to acquire true humility.

The are sooo many more people whom I need to thank and to acknowledge for their kindness to me with their support of the blog and with the endless prayers from so many which have kept me going through this whole process.

The next few weeks will be spent thanking and acknowledging every person who has contacted me on the blog, through Twitter and FB to offer help and support. If I miss ANYONE DURING THIS PROCESS PLEASE EMAIL ME AT info @ so I may make sure that your contribution to the blog etc is indeed posted.

We will also be back to regular posting as well and something a little different. I hope in fact that you, the readers will find that interesting, at the very least.

I ask our contributors as well as our readers to please have patience with me. We will be getting to all our new posts and yours in the next few days. I ask all of you to continue to pray for me as I do for all of you…

AlwaysCatholicBlog will survive and be better for this experience. As for myself, I have unshakeable Faith that God’s Will, of course, will be the answer to what I have not understood in its very simple nature.

Thank you again for your support and stay tuned… and remember as I have learned, “La Vita e bella…” ( Life is beautiful…in Italian)

Enough said…

God Love You!


Sofia on Sabbatical…

15 September 2010

Just a short post to let our readers know that I have taken a short sabbatical and am in fact, okay. A wonderful event has taken place in my life. I have had a proposal of marriage which I have accepted and all will be happy to know that I am very very happy, as so is my fiance. There are some pressing personal issues that needed to be addressed at this time also, so it seemed a very good time to take some time off.

The marriage proposal was made on Twitter, (UNBELIEVABLE) where we met and was made in Italian, my family’s native language. My fiance knows how much I treasure my family heritage and made sure he starting learning Italian right away. You know, that’s a great sign of a generous person. He didn’t need to do that, but he knew that it would make me happy and would mean so much to me. These are the little things that are important to a marriage. In addition, we became very good friends from the beginning and shared everything like best buddies. That is the glue that really helps a marriage when times get tough.

Most importantly though, Christ and His Church is the part of the Covenant that both of us know that a marriage must have in order to be holy and long lasting. This is why I said yes.

I will be writing again this weekend and posting starting next week. thank you for your patience and know that I have all of you in my prayers, as always.

Pray for me and for my fiance. We will tell our story soon so keep reading AlwaysCatholicBlog!

Ad majorem Dei gloriam,


Audio Interview with @GregWHoward: A Patriot Fighting Vicious Cyberstalking for all of Us

1 September 2010

In the last few days here at Always Catholic Blog we have been working pretty much on one issue: Cyberstalking & criminal harrassment of one of our own, Greg W. Howard. As we told you yesterday in our Home page post, Greg has been viciously stalked, criminally harrassed & threatened on Twitter. We have assisted in a Twitter campaign in our small way to help tweet out to Twitter execs the seriousness of this problem.

Today we were very blessed to get Greg himself to sit down with me to do an interview explaining what he has been through, what you could be going through next and what we all can do about it.

The bottom line here is, what can we expect from online companies in the way of protection and a safe and sane environment? Apparently not much if you read Greg’s article about Twitter yesterday here at ACBlog. Twitter seems to take a hands off attitude and basically tells tweeters to fend for themselves that they do not mediate content. Well, it seems they identify themselves as exactly that–a company that provides content. Now, if they are indeed a content provider, then Twitter has to make even a small attempt at preventing a tragedy.

In this day and age of past horrific incidents as a result of online services and scary people hurting good people, we then must take the reins and demand that Twitter protect their registered users. If a young lady with a roadside lemonade stand can be shut down for not having a business license and the $120 bucks to payoff the town, then doesn’t it stand to reason that a tremendously successful mega-business like Twitter has to hold some responsibility in the online arena?

In the late 1700’s early 1800’s the salon,(usually someone of royal class or the priviledged class’s sitting room) was the Twitter of the day. Those considered intellectuals would meet in various salons to discuss the trending topics. The art of conversation was just that–an art. there wasn’t bullying, stalking or threats. Citizens acted within society’s standards and etiquette. Ethics was de rigueur, no one would dare break the code of ethics; particularly libel or slander.

Please listen to this interview very carefully…this could be you next that Greg is describing…

Ad majorem Dei gloriam,


Interview with Greg W. Howard




Greg W Howard can be found at his blog, & for the Greg can be followed on Twitter @GregWHoward

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