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Thanks to your prayers, Sofia is getting well! Posted by Emma

28 May 2012

Posted by Emma
May 28, 2012

Just a short post to thank everyone for their prayers for Sofia. Her battle with Heart failure is a daily one but this last time was really tough.

Sofia has been listening to the Doctor but recovery has been alot slower than usual. Unfortunately, I havent been available to keep posting on the blog and that’s why the long silence.

My cousin Jenny and myself have been interns for Always CatholicBlog and we treasure what Sofia has both allowed and encouraged us to do. Jenny hasn’t been posting lately as she has taken a job out of state and has had her days filled with work and moving. She will be back this summer.

I had to take a leave of absence from my first year in college to take care of my grandmother who has suffered a stroke. I have taken Incomplete’s in my classes and will be spending the summer finishing up the work to get my credits.

My grandmother is doing much better now and has decided to move to an assisted living apartment so she can better enjoy life. The assisted living is ten blocks from our home so we can spend time with her much more as her home was 20 miles away! God is so good!

I was not able to blog as my Grandma did not have Internet. Truthfully taking care of her took many hours a day so I wouldn’t have been able to blog much anyway.

I am grateful for the honor of taking care of her as we spent so much time together.We prayed together, spoke about how we loved the Faith and the Church and most of all she shared stories of her life with me. What a woman. So many things she did that modern women think they are only capable of doing.

The one thing that was truly a miracle was that the stroke did not seriously affect my Grandmother’s speech. the doctors were very surprised at that but they recognize my Grandmother’s great faith and weren’t surprised.

I learned that communication is one of the most important gifts given to us by our Father in Heaven. Lately, we have used technology to communicate, but I learned that speaking and sharing our beliefs and our deepest thoughts with family friends is really what counts.

I am not dismissing technology, it has so many good points. Medical advances, education, etc. Social media, however, is a two-edged sword. So many good things can come from it, yet so much evil is done throughout social media.

I pray that one day we realize all gifts come from God and that it is what we do with those gifts which determines how we live our lives.

Please continue to pray for Sofia as we hope to have her back shortly. Also please pray for my Grandmother, Jane Emma, (yes, named after Jane Austen and Emma from
Austen’s novel. I, in turn was named after my grandmother in honor of Austen’s character Emma. My family has had a love for Austen as it is said that one of my ancestors knew her family.) as she continues on her life journey.

Happy Memorial Day to all as we celebrate the lives given for our freedom. This country is exceptional (no matter what certain political figures say) because of our Godly roots which beckon us to lay down our lives for our friends.

It truly is the “home of the free and the land of the brave”.

God Bless all of you,


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