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“…the light of Christians will shine brighter” Thank you, Matt Archbold

8 November 2012

We Are in Enemy Territory

by Matt Archbold
Posted at Creative Minority Report & National Catholic Register
8 November 2012 Anno Domini

Tuesday night was a rough night. And I believe things are going to only get rougher from here on out for a while. Tuesday night reminded me that we live in enemy territory. I think sometimes we forget that. The world is fallen. And we’ve fashioned a fallen man-made empire from the shards.

How fallen we all are is evident every day in the cruel way people treat each other, the way babies are aborted, the way so many marriages end in casual cruelty.

I think many Christians feel like we’re losing ground. Abortion on demand, same sex “marriage,” and restrictions on religious freedom weigh heavily on our minds and we fear we’ve squandered a grand inheritance from our forefathers. I believe we have. But here’s the thing though – I don’t think we were ever winning. Christians have always been called to battle against larger forces.

We are called not to rule but as CS Lewis said, to sabotage. We are not promised earthly victory. We are simply called to battle.

Abortion, marriage, and defending life at all stages. Those are the battles that we are fighting right now. Those are the battles that need to be fought now. As Christians, we have promised to fight, we have not been promised a victory here. And while things may seem hopeless at times, it is because we’re putting hope in the wrong things. Tolkien wrote: “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.

“So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Defending the unborn and defending traditional marriage are things I’m glad to fight for. And when I die I think I’ll feel glad of my efforts. Others can defend how they thought preventing Republicans from slowing the rate of the growth of the budget 2% outweighed all the other issues.

I feel that I am on the right side of the battles that define my time. I feel that while I worry about the state of man, my eye is on the prize of eternal salvation. I feel that it is up to my family and me to act as lights in the darkness.

My main priority is to act in a forgiving manner to those who’ve done me wrong. To acknowledge my marriage as sacred, not only when I’m with my wife but everywhere. To love my children and accept them as blessings. To treat each and every person I meet not as a means to an end but a soul worthy of love. That’s what I can do.

If this culture is to be saved, it won’t be through legislation. You can legislate the destruction of a culture but you can’t legislate the creation of one. For that, you need believers. And I know that as the ever expanding darkness spreads, the light of Christians will shine brighter. And some will come towards that light. And in such ways are cultures reborn.

A Response to the Election: How We Can Build the New Culture and the New Civilization via Taylor Marshall, PhD

8 November 2012

Posted at Dr. Taylor Marshall’s blog, Canterbury Tales
7 November 2012 Anno Domini

The Fortress of Faith besieged by unbelievers and heretics, defended by the Pope, bishops, monks, clerics and theologians. Chromolithograph after a 15th century French manuscript illumination. Ann Ronan Picture Library. --- Image by © Heritage Images/Corbis

Last night’s election revealed to us that the majority of America is not with us. The polls and the electorate will trend to the issues openly endorsed by President Obama (abortion, Planned Parenthood funding, contraception, false forms of marriage, mandates binding of conscience, etc.).

We won’t win the culture for Christ through the GOP or through hooking up with a Mormon. We know that much.

What are you going to do about it?

My answer for all you young lay people: Have lots and lots of Catholic babies. Unplug the TV. Play games with them. Break out that Baltimore Catechism. Teach them. Hug them. Love them. Don’t fight with your spouse in front of them. Pray the Rosary every night with them? The Rosary should be like breathing. You just do it. Even if you’re exhausted. Pray the Rosary. Read the Bible with your family. Read the Douay Rheims – not some dummed-down emasculated version. Learn Latin yourself. Teach Latin to your kids. Don’t attend Masses where there is liturgical abuse. Bad liturgy teaches your children that the things of God aren’t important – that the things of God are merely a matter of one man’s whims. Raise manly boys and feminine girls. Take your sons hunting and fishing. Let them butcher an animal. Take your daughters on dates. Show them that they are ladies. Reject the sexualized commercial media. Don’t let that toxic sludge into your living room. Be vigilant.

So here’s to having lots of Catholic babies. Build the new culture. Build the new civilization. The Culture of Death will die. What will replace it? That’s up to us, by God’s grace.

“Hitting Bottom” – Matt Archbold lays it out…

7 November 2012

7 November 2012 Anno Domini
Posted by Matt Archbold at
CMR is the Catholic blog of the Brothers Archbold, Matt and Pat

I can’t help but think that America is now like your brother who can’t keep a job, drinks too much, is constantly asking for money, and oh, has a crazy bad addiction that’s destroying his life.

You tried just lending him money every time he promised to go straight but he just ain’t gonna’ do it. At some point you accept that he’s going to have to hit bottom. You don’t know what bottom looks like but you know that he’s racing towards it. It might be jail, death, brain damage. Nobody knows. But at some point he’ll hear the thud and wake up face first in a pool of his own vomit and he’ll have to make the decision to turn over and get back up or just die.

And that’s where America is heading. This country is going to have to go absolutely bankrupt and hit bottom before it starts getting better. This country is borrowing money from children that they’re killing in the womb in record numbers. That, is not a recipe for success.

And of the children that we do have, many of them are being born into single parent homes where their chances of spending some time in jail are increased while their economic outlook is severely diminished.

For too many years we slept. Maybe we saw it coming, maybe we just suspected that everything was going to hell.

Leftists have taken over our education establishment, giving them firm control over what our children learn (unless you homeschool or have a great Catholic or private school). The left has long controlled the media and therefore control what people hear about current events. So think about it, they have control over the teaching of history and the present.

And why didn’t we think we were going to be routed? And what did we do to prevent this? We talked about school choice but got weak kneed when the fight got bloody. We snarked about the media and congratulated ourselves on how many interesting and funny ways we tweeted that Chris Matthews was stupid. Here’s the thing, pretty much everyone in the media agrees with him. It’s an MSNBC media. Some just hide it a little better.

If you want to understand the true power of the media, this election is a prime example. The media propped up a corrupt and egotistical ideologue throughout this entire campaign. They ignored Solyndra. They ignored Benghazi. They covered up the economic ruin we were inviting on ourselves. Sure, FoxNews and the new media have hurt the media establishment but what the MSM showed in this election is that we can snark it up all we want, they’ve got one hand firmly on the levers of power and the other around our throats.


Editor’s Note: Please go here>>> the rest of Matt’s post. Please go read the rest. I agree with him completely. I will do the same with my loved ones. I belong to Christ and His Church, I hope we can protect those we love from the inevitable.

“Catholics, hold the Crucifix in one hand & vote with the other! “

6 November 2012

Election Day
November 6, 2012 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

Years ago I was present at a Rosary Congress with several speakers who are Catholic Bloggers today. It was good to be in a physical space with other Catholics, great speakers, Religious Sisters and Brothers who were a source of joy and with holy priests who weren’t afraid to speak the truth. Compared to being relegated now to blogs, I miss the personal touch. I do encourage fellow Catholics to attend any real life Catholic event that you can as it makes a difference.

The difference came upon me at that particular Rosary Congress (at Catholic University) when a parish priest from the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia got up to speak. There were much more famous people there but this priest brought down the house.

He took questions from the audience (unusual) and one question asked was this, “Father, how do I decide how to vote?”

The priest paused looked down for one second and then straight out at the crowd.

“Catholics, hold the Crucifix in one hand & vote with the other! “

He received a standing ovation for what seemed an eternity… That was in 1994…during the Clinton years, when priests didn’t say things like that.

Thank you Father for that lesson well learned years ago…

Today I am going across the street and I will vote for Governor Romney. It has not been an easy decision since Romney was not my first choice, Rick Santorum was. Rick Santorum endorsed Romney so I am more comfortable now.

Today I will hold a small Crucifix in my hand as I vote.

God love you,


P.S. Sorry I haven’t posted lately as I have been helping my family back in Jersey as much as I can making phone calls, etc. I will have a piece posted on what’s happened later today… Thank you for all your prayers.

Guile & Duplicity Will End on Nov 6th — After Burners Now! via @RomneyCentral

4 November 2012

Victor Lundquist and His Grandson

By Victor Lundquist


Since the 1770s, Americans have given the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I will have the freedom to vote. Having the liberty to vote is a sacred privilege — one that none of us should ever take for granted. This knowledge has caused me to never miss voting in any American election.

Have you voted yet? If not, please vote this Tuesday. Please, don’t follow any of the polls, up or down, or listen to the mainstream media spin intended to discourage your voting. Don’t let any noise distract or dissuade you. Your one vote matters. Your one vote is extremely valuable to Governor Romney. You can and will make a difference with your vote. And that difference you make could be big.


  • Do you know a young man or young woman for whom this is their first presidential voting privilege? Please ask them to accompany you to the voting booth Tuesday to cast their ballots for Romney/Ryan.
  • Do you know any shut-ins that have voted their entire lives but for whatever reason have been unable to get around much, who may have determined this year that getting to the voting booth is “just too much hassle?” Please graciously ask that person to go with you Tuesday and tell them how grateful you are and Governor Romney is for their effort to make a big difference.
  • Do you have a brother, sister, cousin, uncle, friend, neighbor, or associate that is registered to vote but thinks their one vote makes no difference? Please speak with that person (or two) and ask them to go with you to the voting booth and maybe buy them lunch. They will never miss another election.
  • Do you know anybody in a nursing home that has considered voting to be a sacred privilege their entire life but who is no longer ambulatory? Why not visit that person today or tomorrow and invite them to accompany you to the voting booth after you take them out for a meal or a movie? Do you have any idea how much you will make their day, week, or year? They are from The Greatest Generation and love America beyond understanding.
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