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Sofia’s Favorite Site for Rosary & Jewelry Christmas Gifts!

25 November 2013

Love, love, love QVC but it is always this time of year to give truly unique Catholic gifts. As we approach tougher times to come, the best gift you can give someone is a unique Rosary, a bracelet that also is a Rosary and many other unique items that are jewelry and items of Faith.

The best I have found (and the Official Rosaries of Always Catholic) is at Mary is someone who has been given the gift of making Rosaries that aren’t just beautiful, they are works of art. In addition, the Rosaries are made strong so they are practical as well.

The jewelry, both Religious and secular is some of the best quality I have seen and believe me SHOPPING is my middle name! Now, for the prices…RIDICULOUS and I mean ridiculously inexpensive. Mary is not looking to make money here. She wants people to pray and to get value for their money. Believe me, VALUE is what you get. The precious stones, the Swarovski crystals at prices NO ONE ELSE CAN BEAT!

Mary isn’t looking to get rich, this is a ministry, not a business. I must tell you that I have purchased jewelry and other interesting items that I have given as Christmas presents. The people I gave BattleBeads items to said it was their FAVORITE CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Hands down! Mary also has secular jewelry items that are stunning! Something for everyone…

So go to and do your shopping there, I guarantee you will be satisfied.
Most of all, Santa will be happy you are helping out!!

Merry Christmas! Happy Shopping! Here’s a sample of Mary’s work:

Peach Rosary Brass Champagne Pearls Onyx Sacred Heart Rosary
Ruby Crystal Brass Rosary Aqua Swarovski Crystal Rosary Papal Pater Twirls Rosary
Cobalt Brigittine Rosary Onyx Rosary USA Chaplet
Life of Jesus BraceletOnyx Rosary Bracelet Millefiore Rosary BraceletCrystal Rosary Tree (NOT a 'cry tree') ;-) 5 Wounds ChapletMetal Angel Bookmark

Above is a selection of Rosaries, a Rosary Bracelet, a unique bookmark that I have given to many people and they love them! A really unique item and that is the Rosary Tree that stands on a nightstand or office desk.

Below, gorgeous Christmas earrings to wear while you shop online!

Of course, there’s also the USA Chaplet, a devotion that came to Mary in prayer and was given a Nihil Obstat by her Bishop and was found worthy of devotion.

The USA Chaplet


I could do pages on Mary’s items but it’s easier to take my word for it and get to and shop!!! Items available for Christmas delivery, Mary will advise on shipping costs. (Also very very reasonable.)

Now, go!! Tweet me (@alwayscatholic) and let me know how happy you are with your purchase and I will offer a special Rosary for your intentions on a BattleBeads Rosary.

God Love you!


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