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Oh, it’s GOOD to be Catholic: “Canonization Eye Candy” from @FatherZ

27 April 2014

Posted by Father John Zuhlsdorf
at his blog, “Father Z’s Blog”
27 April 2014 A.D.

It is a “four Pope” day.

Frankie and Benedict

The Prefect for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints asks the Pope three times in urgent terms to inscribe the names of blesseds in the “album” of the saints.

cause of canonization

Relics of the saints are placed on display and venerated.


And here is a shot of His Mightiness, the Extraordinary Ordinary <[Emphasis, AlwaysCatholic], Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison.< Sofia’s Bishop…oh yeah!

Bishop Morlino 1

What to say?

Francis and Benedict

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“How to Become a Saint” via @CatholicLisa

27 April 2014

Posted by Lisa Graas
at her blog,


As the Vatican prepares for the canonization of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, there is a great deal of media coverage, both on this particular canonization and on the process of canonization itself. At The Guardian, we find an article by Sophia Deboick that characterizes sainthood as the opposite of what it actually is. Deboick says that sainthood is a “stripping away of individuality” that requires “erasure of personality.” Nothing could be further from the truth.
How does one become a saint? The truth is that we are all called to be saints, and there are far more saints than the Church has officially declared to be saints. One becomes a saint when one allows God to strip away our worldly desires, like the love of money and other selfish pleasures. In doing this, our personalities will not be “erased” but will be changed to be more in conformity with what God has created us to be.
Therein lies the point. God has created each of us to be unique individuals who fulfill His purpose for us as individuals. St. Catherine of Siena famously said, ““Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” There are multiple ways of looking at this quote. One is that if you are who God meant you to be, you will make an impact in the world that will be noticed. Another is that you will bring the fire of God’s love into the world that may be rejected by the world and go unnoticed. So it is that there are saints who are noticed to be saints, and saints who are not known to us to have been saints.

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“See Mother, I make all things new…”

18 April 2014


Below is the Full HD version of the Passion of the Christ. The scene between Our Lord and Our blessed Mother starts at 1:17


“Good Friday” by Nikita Unverzagt OP

18 April 2014

Reprinted from last year…

Good Friday

by Nikita Unverzagt OP
“The unpaved path that is my journey towards God…”

If I could pick a day in the liturgical year that I love the most other than Easter (Well the Vigil) it would be Good Friday.
Before noon I was already at the back entrance of the parish, praying the Liturgy of the Hours. I wore all black, as I normally do especially today it is a joyous mourning you could say. I placed my Dominican scapular on. (I tell you I looked the opposite of the Dominican Friars, Brothers, and Sisters) Thanks to Fr. Michael, O.P. I was able to enter the parish.

I walked into the stillness that form the aura of the chapel. Jesus is not there; He had been stripped away from the altar as He had been stripped from His Disciples to be taken to the chief priests.

I sat there looking at the bare altar and thought of something, the bare altar is our life without Jesus. It is a beautiful structure, but it is just that and nothing more. We can add things to the altar but it just make it a more beautiful structure, but with Jesus it is a place that holds something greater than itself. We can see that in ourselves in many examples.

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So You Think It’s Unfair to Women Not to Wash Their Feet on Maundy Thursday? Think Again…

14 April 2014

Clean Livin’ and Fancy Footwork (2014 Remix)
Posted by David L. Alexander at his blog,

“Mandatum novum do vobis: ut diligatis invicem, sicut delexi vos, dicit Dominus. Beati immaculate in via: qui ambulant in lege Domini…”

(“A new commandment I give unto you: That you love one another, as I have loved you, says the Lord. Blessed are the undefiled in the way: who walk in the law of the Lor …”

For those of us in the western Church, Holy Week is soon to be upon us. As with every year, the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on the evening of Holy Thursday (this year on April 17, one week from today), will be highlighted by the Washing of Feet.

Although the traditional number of subjects being twelve is largely a matter of custom, the rubrics are specific that that only males are selected (in Latin, viri selecti, usually translated as “men”) to have their feet washed. Since most liturgical functions of the laity are open to both men and women, the significance of this restriction is lost on the general Catholic public. What’s more, the exception is difficult to justify or explain simply at the parish level, and even parishes which are otherwise steadfast in devotion to Church teaching and practice, are known to allow women to have their feet washed.

For the one reason not mentioned elsewhere, click HERE to find out what we should have thought of earlier.

@CatholicLisa Never Fears Persecution as a Catholic…What About Us?

9 April 2014

Editor’s Note: We thank Lisa Graas for her use of quotation marks when referencing the word “gay” used to self describe identity. We applaud that and similarly we do not use the word because of the deliberate agenda to misuse a word to confuse people. We use it when it is in the title of a piece but will not use it in any of our own descriptions of homosexuals, lesbians et al. We will explain in a post on this topic shortly…

‘Gay Rights’ Activists Characterize Love as Hate, and It is Destroying the Country
by Lisa Graas on April 5, 2014

He died that we might live.

I am Catholic, but my entire family is protestant. Almost everyone I grew up with is protestant. All of them, at least most of them, love God and they love me. They love God more than they love me because He is their salvation. They believe that He has saved them from eternal fire and that they are bound for heaven. My protestant friends sometimes tell me that the Catholic Church is evil and that I should come out of it….because they love me. I disagree with them, of course, but I understand that they say these things because they love me.
Saying that something is a sin is not “bigotry.” Most of the time, it’s love. Unfortunately, what we hear ad nauseum from the “gay rights” community is that if we say that committing a homosexual act (including sodomy) is a sin, then we are “bigots” who “hate” people. If I can understand that my friend who tells me that the Church is the “Whore of Babylon” is saying that because he loves me, why can’t you understand that when I say homosexual acts are sinful, it is because I love you?
There are many people who are not homosexual who defend “gay rights,” even when they know the threat that it poses to the freedom of conscience of Catholics, such as closing our adoption agencies (because we won’t place kids with two parents of the same sex) and our parish halls (because we won’t allow them to be used for “gay weddings”), etc. When I say that committing a homosexual act (including sodomy) is a sin, the reply is, “You can’t judge anyone.” They seem to understand that it is an act of love to let people know that they are in spiritual danger, but they do not want this fact to be spoken out loud – that sodomy is a sin. I am often reminded, particularly by “gay” people, that sodomy is an act that people who are not “gay” also engage in.
It has occurred to me that this must be why so many people who are not actually “gay” are standing up for homosexuality to be accepted. They feel “judged” when we talk about these things in accordance with our faith. I’m certain it must feel as if we are judging you. After all, we all sin. If the sins that I struggle with were in the political news every day, I can only imagine how that would feel to me. I would want people to stop talking about it, too.
That “wanting people to stop talking about it” fits in nicely with the “gay rights” movement attempts to silence people who disagree with them, as we see time and time again, via “glitter bombing” politicians, threatening shop owners who won’t participate in their weddings, and more recently, the resignation (under pressure) of Brendan Eich.
As I say repeatedly, particularly in explaining Pope Francis’ remark “Who am I to judge,” human beings do not have the authority to judge souls. We can only judge what is a sin and what is not a sin. God judges, and He is always ready to forgive. Always.

For the rest of this fearless post, please click HERE to go to Lisa’s Blog.

#ANTILIFE Alert: More Craziness from NY

8 April 2014

Report: NY Abortion Clinics Inspected Less Than Tanning Salons

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
April 7, 2014


New York authorities dedicate more time to monitoring tanning salons than abortion clinics, according to a new report.

The New York Post found that many clinics escape safety inspections for years at a time, even as authorities aggressively scrutinize restaurants and tanning salons.

“Health inspectors regulate 25 diagnostic and treatment clinics and surgery centers that provide abortion services — though pro-choice advocates say there are 225 abortion service providers in New York state.

Eight of the 25 clinics were never inspected over the 2000-12 span, five were inspected just once, and eight were inspected only twice or three times — meaning once every four or six years.

A total of just 45 inspections were conducted at all 25 facilities during the 12-year period.

By comparison, city eateries are inspected every year and graded, while a new law requires tanning salons to undergo inspections at least once every other year.”

The slack oversight surprised pro-life activist Lila Rose, whose group Live Action has performed hidden camera exposes at abortion clinics across the country.

She visited several New York clinics as part of the project and met with clinic workers who advised their clients to poison and drown babies born alive following an abortion. Rose passed along the videos to state authorities but said the Cuomo administration and regulators “stonewalled us at every turn.”

“This is one of America’s most pro-abortion states, with an outrageously high abortion rate and next to nothing in the law to protect mothers and their babies from the industry’s profit-hungry vultures,” Rose said in an email to the Washington Free Beacon. “There is no excuse for this sort of negligence, especially in the wake of mass-murdering Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania and ‘Gosnell-like conditions’ at Planned Parenthood of Delaware. New York is being exposed once again as a partner in the full-throttle attack on the most basic of human rights.”

Activists and conservative lawmakers have been pushing for increased safety regulations and inspections of abortion clinics after Pennsylvania abortionist Gosnell was accused of killing live babies and mothers, as well as operating a clinic covered in fecal matter, urine, and blood. Pennsylvania regulators had not visited his clinic in years due to political pressure.

Gosnell was convicted of multiple counts of murder in 2013 and is serving multiple life sentences without the chance of parole.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon

vicki mckennaThank you to Vicki McKenna radio host of Up Front with Vicki McKenna for tweeting us the story.
Vicki McKenna got her start in radio as a news anchor/reporter and editor in Northern Illinois. She moved to Madison in 1995, where she worked as assistant news director for a Madison news/talk station. In 1996 she won the coveted position as co-host of the morning show on the legendary Z104 FM, then later on the heritage alternative rock station WMAD. After a brief stint in advertising, Vicki returned to the airwaves in 2003 to pursue her original passion in radio.

Vicki calls herself a “converted conservative”, which she credits to her upbringing and a conversation with former Congressman Mark Neumann in her early days of reporting. Her conservative ideology has been honed and refined over the years; now, Vicki passionately advocates a conservative point-of-view on social and political issues, as well as matters dealing with pop culture and everyday life.
McKenna hails from Rockford and Roscoe, Illinois. She did her undergraduate work at Beloit College, and went on to pursue her masters in Sociology at the University of Denver, but never finished. She has received numerous awards for her work in the broadcast medium, including the Illinois Broadcasters Association Award for Excellence. She’s been the recipient of the Wisconsin State Journal/Capital Times Readers Choice Award, Isthmus Newspaper’s Madison Favorites, Fox 47 Viewer’s Choice Award and Madison Magazine’s Best of Madison.
Vicki has appeared on the Fox News Channel, C-Span, CNN, NBC’s Today Show, CNN Radio, ABC Radio news and Wisconsin Public Television.
She is an avid marine fish, eel, reef and snake keeper. Her personal interests include her pets, motorcycles, target shooting and scuba.
Vicki McKenna is a committed defender of OUR Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

You can find Vicki on WISN (Milwaukee) /WIBA-1310 AM (Madison)/WMEQ (Eau Claire)/WLFN LaCrosse Milwaukee/Madison/statewide

Check out her podcast shows HERE
Email her at
Twitter: @VickiMcKenna
Facebook: Vicki McKenna
I Heart Radio: WIBA 1310>/h5>

@ManwithBlackHat implores, “Judica, me…” Must read

6 April 2014


Judica me, Deus …

Posted by David L Alexander at his blog,

VIDEO: Kampen Boys Choir, The Netherlands.

+ + +

“JUDICA ME, DEUS, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta: ab homine iniquo et doloso eripe me: quia tu es Deus meus et fortitudo mea.”

“Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause against an ungodly nation: O deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man: for Thou art my God and my strength.”

Today the Roman church celebrates the beginning of a season within the Lenten fast known as “Passiontide.”

For the rest of the post, CLICK HERE

Weekly Update : Loose Lips in the Loggia via @ManwithBlackHat (Hint: Noah!)

5 April 2014


Posted by David L Alexander at his blog,

Noah-Fighting-Watcher-Russel-Crowe-Aronofsky-Film-e1359229778664From everything we’ve heard about the new movie “Noah” starring the totally awesome bad@$$ Russell Crowe, it probably should have been named “Attack of the Tree-Hugging Rock People.” Or something. But director Darren Aronofsky, while admitting to a departure from the biblical account (also done in the opening title, as if that wasn’t enough), defends his work in this interview on CNN. More on that later.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s bouncing around the bandwidth of Believers lately:

For the REST of the juicy red meat click HERE!

If You Read Just ONE Blogpost, Read THIS One!

4 April 2014

Trusting God in Suffering

Posted by Sister Lisa Marie at her blog,

HEALING THE MAN BORN BLINDIt seems that of late the Lord has sent a lot more prayer requests my way for people suffering from serious illnesses and disease, particularly of advanced stages of cancer and lymphoma. I hold them in a particular place in my heart and in my daily prayer; perhaps because I have lost three loved ones to cancer. Perhaps because I also know the power of prayer in having members of my family who are cancer survivors. No matter what the illness, it places the family in the crucible of anguish and uncertainty; wanting to trust in God and hope in him, and at the same time, the waiting gives time for our fears and worries creep up to haunt our faith.

In these very moments where faith is attacked by the violent churning of doubt and questioning, our best defense is the simple utterance (perhaps it takes every drop of energy we have):

“Jesus, I trust in You!”

One of my go-to scripture passages when the siege of or worry waits outside my door:

“Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests by made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7

That one’s a bit long for me to remember verbatim, but I have memorized this shorter one from the Prophet Isaiah 26:3:

“You keep him in perfect peace, whose mind rests on You, because he trusts in You.”

Please click HERE for the rest of this insightful and profound piece. Sister Lisa’s spiritual direction is PRICELESS…

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