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If you read just one thing today, read this…

29 June 2015

Mr.Jack Keithley is a colleague and more importantly, a friend. He has written an essay concerning the Church and our society today. It is not a feel good piece to help us lick our wounds. It is Truth, unvarnished. If I could write like Jack, this would be exactly what I would write.

The Church

Posted by Jack Keithley at his blog,
The Glad Night
crubling churchThe credibility of the Catholic Church in America is in crisis. This is nothing new. In the mid-90s, flocks of Catholics left for the emotionally appealing alternative of evangelical Christianity. It suited them, with the direct sermons and uplifting music and videos. The Church here had little to entice them back: architecture was reduced to the simplified and the homilies were, largely, pointless. Still, some of the devout clung on, hoping for something in addition to the Eucharist to feed them.

Then came the fallout of 2002, when the devout were forced to deal with the horrors of the clergy sexual abuse crisis. It seemed impossible to believe at first, until the number of cases grew and the number of dioceses involved expanded. One wondered how he could remain in the fold. Hypocrisy seemed to be the norm rather than the exception. Many felt betrayed, others beleaguered; a great number stopped attending altogether. The lawyers fed the bishops with lines to appease the courts and insurance companies, but no lines were provided to appease the remaining faithful.

for the rest of this essay, please click HERE

Jack Keithley is an educator in St Louis. He is currently teaching a course, “The Apologetics of Flannery O’Connor” for the Paul VI Institute of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis.

Marriage Is…

27 June 2015

Posted by Elizabeth S. Westhoff at her blog,
Pop Culture Catholic
26 June 2015 A.D.

Lizzie postAs you probably know by now, this morning the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that states cannot ban same-sex marriage.

The definition of marriage has been changed in the law of the land.

However, regardless of today’s SCOTUS ruling, for us Catholics, the definition of marriage as a sacramental institution of marriage remains unchanged: The union of man and woman in marriage is a way of imitating in the flesh the Creator’s generosity and fecundity: ‘Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh.’ All human generations proceed from this union. ‐Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2335

In the coming days, you will, no doubt, find yourself engaged in conversation, heated debates, question and answer sessions with loved ones, friends, foes… The Archdiocese of St. Louis has put together various tools, images, memes, videos, etc. to help you if you need it and, certainly, to share it in order to help the rest of our culture better understand that, the Church isn’t against anyone’s right to the pursuit of happiness; however, She has certain teachings that cannot change to meet the approval of the culture in which She resides and that these teachings exist in order for all God’s children to live in happiness and holiness in this life so that we can live with Him in the next.

For the rest of the post, please click HERE, We encourage you to go there to finish reading the post and see the materials available for social media to share.

Rome, American Style

25 June 2015

Editor’s Note: Lately we are trying to stay out of the fray in the Church by posting prayers, homilies and authentic sources of Catholic Teaching. The divisiveness swirling around social media and even at some parishes has gotten to much to bear.
However,sometimes someone with courage comes forward to speak truth.

Whether or not you like Michael Voris is not the question. That shouldn’t even be a consideration when viewing videos from Is Voris truthful? Is he reporting and not just part of the pundit problem?

We are taking a bold move her and want to come out on the record as we support Michael Voris in his quest to shine the light on what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI described as,”the filth in the Vatican”. If you don’t agree with him because you don’t like his personality or you think you are an orthodox Catholic and things are just fine, I guess you won’t be reading our blog anymore.

Things are NOT fine and even though we know the end of the story and that the Church prevails, sitting by thinking it’s okay to let evil flourish is wrong. Just plain wrong.

So here goes one of Voris’ toughest critiques of the situation in the Church today. Sadly, he is correct.

Whether you like it or not.

Best Post on “Laudato Si”: A Catholic Primer

24 June 2015

Editor’s Note: As usual, we go to Lisa Graas to teach when the Teaching is confusing. Lisa puts “Laudato Si” into perspective for Catholics in the pews. As only Lisa can do.

Laudato Si: Catholics not bound to papal remarks on science and politics

Posted by Lisa Graas. at her blog, Lisa

globe with dove

Are you looking for a summary of Laudato Si? Look no further than Michael Voris’ explanation on why Catholics are in no way bound to points which appeal to “science” and politics rather than faith and morals. Because Laudato Si is primarily a political document that relies on flawed science, it is not a binding document.

Voris rightly asks for prayers for Pope Francis who has apparently surrounded himself with bad advisors.

WATCH NOW via Church Militant.

Mind you, some will say this is a cynical take on Pope Francis. It is an important reality of Catholicism that it has ever been so (and always will be so) that no Catholic is bound to anything a pope says that is outside the area of faith and morals. Scientific “facts” delivered by any pope are never required for belief among the faithful. Neither is any political “solution” bound on the faithful. Papal infallibility never covers science or politics. It only covers faith and morals.


To finish reading Lisa’s post and then to view Church Militant’s Video please go to Lisa’s Blog by clicking HERE!

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Bishop Robert Morlino’s Statement on “Laudato Si”

24 June 2015

Bishop Robert C. Morlino’s statement on the release of the encyclical Laudato Si
Thursday, Jun. 18, 2015 — 10:33 AM
The Catholic Herald – Diocesan Newspaper of the Diocese of Madison WI


Bishop Robert C. Morlino offers the following statement on the release of the encyclical, Laudato Si, by our Holy Father, Pope Francis:

bishop morlino disclaimerWith the release of today’s encyclical, Laudato Si (Praise be to you, my Lord – On Care for Our Common Home), our Holy Father, Pope Francis, offers the Church, and in fact the entire world, the opportunity to reflect on important truths of God and His creation, which we know, from its origin, is good. Gifted with the rest of the natural world, human beings have been given the serious obligation to care not only for the dignity of every other human, for the love of their Creator, but also to care for the rest of His creation as well. God has given us an awesome responsibility.

While I have not yet made my way through the entire encyclical, I’d like to offer a few reflections at this time, taken, admittedly, from the perspective of a pastor of souls and person of faith:

First, and probably most importantly, I would encourage everyone to take the time, and with an open mind and open heart, to read the encyclical for themselves. It is rather long and it won’t be an “easy read,” but don’t allow pundits or reporters, even ones you might trust, to tell you what the Pope’s letter is or isn’t about, or what it says. Read it, pray about it, and have honest discussions about what we can reasonably do to become better stewards of all of God’s creation. Make sure to keep God at the center of your reflections and discussions, and be vigilant to recognize when others, especially those doing so publicly on television or in print, try to separate it, even for a moment, from God. Just yesterday, at his general audience, the Pope implored women and men of good will to accept his letter with open hearts. This is important, because this is how the Holy Spirit can work in and through us. So, it is with an open heart that I will continue to read, study, reflect, and pray about this encyclical.

With that said, Pope Francis very clearly presents, in Laudato Si, that the ecology of human nature and the ecology of the rest of the natural world can never be separated, and that the first concern is for the ecology of the human body. When one respects authentic human ecology, they will respect the ecology of the rest of creation and when one does not respect human ecology, they will not respect that of the rest of creation — or at least will not have an authentic understanding of why all of creation is worthy of respect. This, however, isn’t going to get many headlines. The Pope makes a clear plea for our taking responsibility to act in accordance with God’s direction in Genesis, to “’till and keep’” the garden of the world . . . cultivating, ploughing or working, while . . . caring, protecting, overseeing, and preserving.” Ignoring this responsibility has repercussions for our “common house,” and it also hurts our relationship with God and our neighbor, especially the poorest among us.

The Holy Father challenges us, as he has from the beginning of his pontificate, to grow in holiness. In reaffirming core Catholic moral teaching, based on the direct link between human and the rest of natural ecology, he goes on to offer us his prudential judgments for actions we might take individually, in families and communities, as well as by the Church and as nations, to be better stewards of God’s precious gift of creation.

Through circulating this letter to the world, the Holy Father gives us an opportunity to share what we, as Christ’s Church, believe about God, the human person, and all of creation. We should welcome this opportunity and engage our family, friends, and communities on these important matters.


Always Catholic is located in the Diocese of Madison, WI and is in obedience to our Ordinary, His Excellency, Robert C. Morlino. We are not affiliated with the Diocese of Madison and all opinions are our own.

“Priesthood” by author, A.K. Frailey

24 June 2015

Posted by Ann Frailey on her blog,
The Writings of A.K. Frailey

collarConsidering the Priesthood, I feel I am on the outside looking in and amazed at the view nonetheless. I never gave the priesthood much thought until my brother joined the seminary. As I watched his life unfold these past 25+ years, I have become more aware of a mystery I can never fully understand. I’ve been to a few ordinations and I am always left rather breathless. There is real power and glory in the priesthood – also great trial and temptation. But what really sends me into the heavenly sphere is the realization of the ancient connection man has with God through the priesthood. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states (1548): “Christ is the source of all priesthood:the priest of the old law was a figure of Christ, and the priest of the new law acts in person of Christ.”


For the rest of the essay, please click HERE

Thank you to author, A.K. Frailey who generously shares her writings with the readers of Always Catholic.

Happy Father’s Day to all our Fathers… and to our priests also!

21 June 2015

Thanks Dad

Happy Father’s Day

posted by Matt Archbold on

Editor’s Note: Happy Father’s Day to our dear friends, the Brothers Archbold, Matthew and Patrick at was supported by the Brothers A from day one and for this we are truly grateful. Have a wonderful Father’s Day, Matthew and Patrick, God Love you both!

The. Best. Blogpost. Ever.

18 June 2015

Lately I have been dtawn to crosspost posts I see on other blogs which are controversial and/or just plain truthful. Soooooo… here’s my all time fav:

The Most Controversial Blog I’ve Ever Written…

Posted by Elizabeth Westhoff
at the blog, Pop Culture Catholic
17 June 2015 A.D.

elizabeth_westhoff-e1434564904891-270x300   Given the breathtaking turn of events we’ve seen in our culture in the last month or so regarding gender, race, marriage, what I’m about to write will be the most controversial blog I’ve ever written.

I am a white, heterosexual,Catholic woman.

That’s all you are going to get for now. You can’t believe that this post might be going somewhere that may shock you or better yet, inspire you. So go! CLICK HERE!!!

The Best ” #WhyIStayCatholic ” Post

8 June 2015

Why I Am Catholic: The Faithful Traveler Edition

June 8, 2015 by Diana von Glahn

Last month, the Pew Research Center released a study that concluded that a lot of people have left and are leaving the Catholic Church. (You can read the study here.)

Since then, Catholics around the blogosphere have been writing about why they are and plan to stay Catholic. Elizabeth Scalia has been keeping track on Twitter, and she posts an awesome list here, which I’ve replicated below, and which grows every day.

I’ve hesitated writing my own #WhyIStayCatholic story, partly because I am busy, but also because I feel I don’t have the words to communicate it, and because I think, everyone has already said what I would say anyway.

Then I visited St Louis this weekend to hang out with my dear friend, Denise Bossert (you can read her #WhyIStayCatholic story here) and to scout out the Rome of the West for a possible The Faithful Traveler series. One thing I love about Denise, who–through the grace of God–has been in the Holy Land with me twice, is that we can experience the exact same thing and get two very different takeaways from it. I love how God makes us the same and yet different.

As I toured the amazing churches of the Archdiocese of St Louis and saw many amazing things, the answer slowly came to me. So, I present to you, my #WhyIStayCatholic story, in pictures.

1. Jesus


For the rest of the post… please click HERE to go to Diana’s blog.

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