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@AncientSoul knocks it out the park! MUST READ: “Memo from the devil”

26 September 2012

September 26, 2012 A.D.

Posted by Mary Wellman at her blog, “BattleBeads

This is really lengthy, but EXCELLENT! You may wish to take a paragraph or two a day .. but get to it all .. the insight is phenomenally wonderful! We need to think of all these things before the Illumination/Warning!

The following is a memo from satan to his apprentice demons on earth. Don’t ever forget that there is a war going on for your soul all of the time. 1/3 of the angels fell when given the opportunity to serve God. And since he can’t get God, he goes after His children, you and me. So beware of his traps, some of which are outlined below…

(** Caveat emptor – The devil is a liar, and mixes truth with lies to confuse us humans, so not EVERYTHING he says is to be taken as true….)

To all of my earthly tempters: HELL-O

Deathbed Conversions

1. Never forget that HE always comes to them at the moment of death, asking them if they love HIM, if they are truly sorry for their sins, and if they forgive their enemies . You must sufficiently torment your subject while you can, so as to prevent any deathbed conversions. A sincere and humble “Yes” to these questions by the dying humans undoes our work in a nano-second. We also come to him at the time of his death, to tempt him one last time with everything we’ve got to make him reject his own salvation. Make sure you get there first


For the rest of the “memo” please click HERE… this is a post everyone should read…

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