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“Deaconess: A Rose By Any Other Name” @ManwithBlackHat responds…

18 October 2012

by David L. Alexander
at his blog, ManwithBlackHat
October 18,2012 A.D.


“In 1976, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued its declaration Inter Insigniores, against the possibility of ordaining women to the ministerial priesthood. A commentary which accompanied the decree confessed to having passed over the issue of women deacons because ‘it is a question which must be taken up fully by direct study of the texts, without preconceived ideas’ … There have been numerous works on the question of deaconesses in Catholic academia, some of them dating to the 17th century. Closer to the present … there has been a ‘sleeper’ movement of sorts to consider the revival of a female diaconate. This gained attention recently … What follows, then, is a brief historical sketch of women in the diaconate, with an emphasis on some of the most common misconceptions …” (continued) Please click HERE to go to MWBH for the rest of his piece.


Editor’s Note: Mr. Alexander has written several articles which are scholarly responses with operational answers to certain difficult questions in the Church at this time in our history. His attempt to meld the academic with the profound and the pragmatic is being received in circles both clerical and the lay state with much acclaim. We are proud here at Always Catholic that Mr.Alexander shares perhaps the best of his latest works with Always Catholic Blog first.

His “response” is to the rumblings within feminist circles who fancy themselves a “sleeper” movement as he describes within the article. In addition, he answers the retired Auxiliary Bishop of Rockville Centre, New York, the Most Reverend Emil Wcela whose article, “Why Not Women?” graced the pages of “America” magazine on October 1, 2012. Bishop Wcela held the party line on the question with supporters from America weekly whom were more than pleased to have His Excellency state the case for them.

Mr. Alexander, however, stands with Holy Mother Church as he stresses the history behind the case. I am sure from my comments, all can deduce where I stand on this matter. It does not matter what I think, it is what the Church, protected by the Holy Spirit decides. I, myself, like Mr. Alexander stand with the Church as this topic is bandied about intellectual circles and on the pages of the Catholic blogosphere as if we are the ones entrusted with this decision. Thankfully, we are not.

Kudos, Mr. Alexander for having the guts to take on issues not comfortable for most people to discuss and showing us, as usual that the Church, Her history and reason, illuminated and guided by the Holy Spirit NEVER gets it wrong.

Sofia Guerra
Editor, AlwaysCatholic Blog

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