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“Hitting Bottom” – Matt Archbold lays it out…

7 November 2012

7 November 2012 Anno Domini
Posted by Matt Archbold at CreativeMinorityReport.com
CMR is the Catholic blog of the Brothers Archbold, Matt and Pat

I can’t help but think that America is now like your brother who can’t keep a job, drinks too much, is constantly asking for money, and oh, has a crazy bad addiction that’s destroying his life.

You tried just lending him money every time he promised to go straight but he just ain’t gonna’ do it. At some point you accept that he’s going to have to hit bottom. You don’t know what bottom looks like but you know that he’s racing towards it. It might be jail, death, brain damage. Nobody knows. But at some point he’ll hear the thud and wake up face first in a pool of his own vomit and he’ll have to make the decision to turn over and get back up or just die.

And that’s where America is heading. This country is going to have to go absolutely bankrupt and hit bottom before it starts getting better. This country is borrowing money from children that they’re killing in the womb in record numbers. That, is not a recipe for success.

And of the children that we do have, many of them are being born into single parent homes where their chances of spending some time in jail are increased while their economic outlook is severely diminished.

For too many years we slept. Maybe we saw it coming, maybe we just suspected that everything was going to hell.

Leftists have taken over our education establishment, giving them firm control over what our children learn (unless you homeschool or have a great Catholic or private school). The left has long controlled the media and therefore control what people hear about current events. So think about it, they have control over the teaching of history and the present.

And why didn’t we think we were going to be routed? And what did we do to prevent this? We talked about school choice but got weak kneed when the fight got bloody. We snarked about the media and congratulated ourselves on how many interesting and funny ways we tweeted that Chris Matthews was stupid. Here’s the thing, pretty much everyone in the media agrees with him. It’s an MSNBC media. Some just hide it a little better.

If you want to understand the true power of the media, this election is a prime example. The media propped up a corrupt and egotistical ideologue throughout this entire campaign. They ignored Solyndra. They ignored Benghazi. They covered up the economic ruin we were inviting on ourselves. Sure, FoxNews and the new media have hurt the media establishment but what the MSM showed in this election is that we can snark it up all we want, they’ve got one hand firmly on the levers of power and the other around our throats.


Editor’s Note: Please go here>>> the rest of Matt’s post. Please go read the rest. I agree with him completely. I will do the same with my loved ones. I belong to Christ and His Church, I hope we can protect those we love from the inevitable.

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2012 Elections, America, Catholic

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  1. The US is "Hitting Bottom" http://t.co/WD4khEjR #Debt #MSM #Democrats

  2. Pro baby killers that is what the democrat party represents; that is all they think women want; it is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah–and this president is proud of it. He, his wife, and his party are evil . “Catholics” and “Christians” could have turned this election around but too many have been sucked into the pro baby killer mentality. Every woman should have the right to kill their babies. We have turned into barbarians, and I think we will answer to God for electing promoters of this barbaric proceedure. Imagine the millions of inconvenient tiny sould crying out to Him.

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