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I stand with Lisa Graas !

20 December 2012

Why I Am Withdrawing Support From Rick Santorum

by Lisa Graas, at her blog, CatholicBandita
20 December 2012 Anno Domini

Ironically, Pete Ingemi wrote today on why Rick Santorum deserves our support just as I am withdrawing support from him for his abandoning that very same value.

Pete quotes Rick Santorum here:

America is a melting pot, not a salad bowl. America is a set of values by which we hold together. That’s what holds us together, but there is a different point of view. Some have suggested that no America shouldn’t be and is wrong to be, one thing. It needs to be many things. It needs to be what any everybody wants to do. Out of one many. If that’s the case then is anybody surprised that we have trouble getting anything done for the one, the country?

Pete continues:

Lisa Graas yesterday reminded of these words before the Des Moines Register saying this:

But as Rick Santorum told the editorial board of the Des Moines Register back during the primary, most politicians think of the issues as “little silos” and if one of the “silos” is not popular, the politician can just kick that silo down and take a new position. He sees “the big picture” of where our rights come from, and the very limited role of our government in defending only those rights.

the story continues HERE  and a great discussion at Lisa’s FB page HERE


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