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AlwaysCatholicBlog will be back soon…

24 January 2013

24 January 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

Hello loyal readers,

As most of you may know the staff and myself at Always Catholic took a break for a much needed Retreat for the New Year. Well, retreat’s over but we still need a little more of a break from the world. We have extended our break to continue our retreat at home with days dedicated to prayer and simple chores.

Leading a daily routine similar to a cloistered experience is proving at the very least to be the answer to our sadness over the state of the world and the deterioration of our own country. We will be back soon and in the meantime, please visit the blogs of truly Catholic writers. We ask also that you visit the Prayer Request page here at Always Catholic and either choose someone there to pray for or add your own request for prayer.

Here’s a list of some blogs we truly admire: (not in any order of preference, all are worthy…)

CatholicBandita (Lisa Graas)
Nunspeak (Sister Lisa Doty)
In the Shadow of His Wings (Passionist Nuns)
Creative Minority Report (The Brothers Archbold)
Battle Beads Blog (Mary Wellman)
Man with Black Hat (David Alexander)
Traditional Latin Mass in Maryland (Deo Volente)
Catholic Foodie(Jeff Young)
A Catholic Citizen in America (Brian Gill)
Left Footer Blog (Christopher Wright)
Faith of our Fathers (Steve Smith)
A Talking Donkey (George Vogt)
The unpaved path that is my journey towards God…(Nikita Unverzagt)
The Charcoal Fire(Professor Kevin M Clarke)
Journey of a Catholic Nerdwriter (Emmy Cecilia)
CathoLibertarian (Teresa Rice)

If we missed your blog it was only because I wrote this quickly as prayer and chores call…please send us a note at AlwaysCatholicBlog@gmail.com and remind us that you should be posted here!

We will be back very very soon!

God love you,


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  1. What an honor to be listed! I’m glad you’re benefiting from retreat. I’m sure it will do you all loads of good. Be sure to let me know when you’re fully back.

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