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URGENT REQUEST 2.0 : 4 More Reasons I love being Catholic @FatherZ @CatholicLisa @GVogt4 & YOU

26 February 2013

26 February 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

Yesterday I was startled with the news that our dear sister in Christ, Lisa Graas (@CatholicLisa and the Catholic Bandita Blog) had to move immediately out of her home. I watched as several people on FB basically accused her of relying on others for help and that it would be okay with them if she and her family starved.

After the initial tough news that Lisa and her family’s well-being was at stake, I couldn’t believe she had to be on FB defending herself. As usual I had to make a snotty remark in the comments but then I realized how much time I was wasting with these foolish people and that Lisa and family needed help NOW!

Of course, prayers were first and foremost. then material needs kicked in. She had to get affordable housing for her children and herself. Not an easy task in this day and age. Also, money was an issue as it is with most of us.I jumped on Twitter and ‘spoke’ with a Catholic gentleman George Vogt (@GVogt4) who immediately wrote up a post. I crossposted and then I got on my email and contacted several BIG bloggers.

Immediately and I mean immediately (5 mins after receiving my email) Father John Zuhlsdorf (@FatherZ) posted a piece on his blog in aid of Lisa and her family. Father Z probably won’t be happy that I’m posting this because when it comes to helping people he likes to do it quietly. Mea culpa Father, people need to know.

The ironic thing is that the link to Lisa’s blog was not working and I had to email him again to fix it. By the time I hit send to the email and reloaded his page, he had fixed it. Do you know Father Z gets a minimum of 500 emails a day and more during times like this..(Conclave)? Hmmmm…

During this, George Vogt was in constant contact with me as he obviously has responsibilities in his life but he kept checking in and posting on Twitter and FB throughout the day and this morning.

As for Lisa Graas, as she spends all her time trying to find housing for her family, she is getting on Twitter and FB to thank us and to let us know that they were PRAYING FOR US! When they need the most prayer, when they don;t know what tomorrow will be like, they trust in Christ and they pray for us…. Oh and Lisa put up a post about today;s Mass Readings to continue her blog ministry and loving us with her Passionist heart.

It;s a funny thing, when I have not felt well, I will disappear from the blogoshpere having others help me…Not Lisa…even in this more dire situation, she is there helping us as always…

These are 4 more of the gazillion reasons I LOVE BEING ROMAN CATHOLIC…

Now to the next and 4th reason I love being Roman Catholic. YOU! All of you who have responded immeditately with prayers and donations to help this family. Isn’t it Divine Providence that Lisa’s struggle comes during Lent when we are called to mortification and to almsgiving? Here is an opportunity to use our mortification and to give alms to this family in need. It is also a time to show charity to those who have helped in this cause.

I am giving all of you a little job today. Your Lenten practice today could include the following: PLEASE!

  • First, pray! I want you to keep Lisa Graas and her family lifted in prayer during Lent & beyond. In addition, pray for FatherZ for being FatherZ. Pray for George Vogt as he rose to the occasion immediately without worrying about what he felt like doing at that time.
  • Second, PLEASE GO TO Lisa’s blog, Catholic Bandita by clicking HERE to help out this wonderful family. Even if it is a $1 or 2. As George Vogt says, we can give up a cup of coffee or another pleasure to help out a family in need this Lent. I understand we have hardships. I live on a small income. I tithe to my parish & I try to help others even if it a couple of dollars. The Lord has never let me be without anything. I am not saying that;s why. I am saying that He provides so I can share. Please, please do the same. It was @CatholicTeen who really taught me this.she taught me that giving all to Christ in trust will enable us to help others when the time comes. I didn’t want to to share what I am doing but I know many of you are in the same boat, so rest assured, those singles add up! Please join FatherZ, George Vogt and the countless others trying to help in whatever way we can.If you cannot give but you are on Twitter, FB or have a blog please give by RtT’ing our tweets or crossposting our blogposts. And of course, PRAYER is the best way you can give. Our Corporal works of Mercy of the Church are there to be WORKED! We can do this. Always Catholic readers are the best, for sure! Loyal and kind, you always rise to the occasion.
  • Third, please go to vote in the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards for 2012 and vote for both FatherZ and for Lisa Graas. Please click HEREto vote for Father John Zuhlsdorf for Best Catholic Blog on a daily basis. It can be a way of thanking Father for his hard work and for his kindness and generosity towards Lisa and her family. then click over HERE to vote daily for Lisa in the Best Catholic to Follow on Twitter Category. Lisa (@CatholicLisa) is now running second only to Pope Benedict in this category. Then….

Go to Christ and tell Him you love Him. He will be pleased even though He already knows because His Mother told Him so…


Please be sure to visit Father Zuhlsdorf’s Blog, What Does the Prayer Really Say? and George Vogt’s Blog, A Talking Donkey

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