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@AlwaysCatholic on @GregWHoward BlogTalk Radio Show!

27 February 2013

27 February 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

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I have been graciously invited to be a live guest on Greg W.Howard’s BlogTalk radio program tomorrow night, Thursday at 7 pm EST. The topic will be “Obama’s gospel of Deceit and Dependency”. The link for Greg’s show can be found HERE.

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The end of Our Holy Father’s papacy will be at 8 pm Rome time which will be Noon in EST. I ask that you tune in as I share insights from the roots of Obama’s “gospel” which include links to “catholic” organizations in America. It is sad, but true. I hope to shed some light on one of the elements which may have helped to cause some of the disunity inside the Church which our Holy Father has discussed publicly.

Discussing this topic for me will be a search for God, Truth, Reason and the battle between good and evil. The game of politics aside, Natural Law trumps all and I hope to share that view tomorrow night.

Please join us!

God love you,


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