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“Today is the Day” via @WindowintheSky

28 February 2013

28 February 2013 Anno Domini

Posted by Nikita Unverzagt at her blog,
The Unpaved Path ~ My Journey Towards God

In the late morning hours on the east coast of the United States I sadden to think about what today brings. The end of the Benedict XVI Era, for many just like me were shocked just a little over two weeks ago he announced he was stepping down as Supreme Pontiff.

I remember just the night prior talking about how the media perceived Papa because he was German and a former Hilter Youth (which was proven that he was forced) that he was aggressive and angry. Many called him the German Shepherd. Yet, if you know as I said to the friend what a true German Shepherd is like (protective to point where he will become aggressive, but obedient and loving) you shall see the name suits Papa. I explained how even though he wanted to retire he took upon the papacy with love and humility.

Could I have even imagined the next morning hearing the news of Papa’s decision to resign? Never in my slightest thought think of it. At first, I was surprised (who would not?) but then I acted just like I did with my great-uncle during his last year, I was calm and understanding. This was my Papa, my spiritual Father whose reign I was baptized under.

During my conversion I fell in love with Papa, he helped me understand the faith through his works, his words, and his example. I cannot tell how many times I would just want to listen to his voice, so calm and fatherly. What a gentle man he was and I never met him, but I knew him.

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