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“What’s in a Name?” Sofia rants…

Attack on our Religious Liberty: First the Dems, now the GOP. Goodbye to both!

8 March 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

Ok, so my head feels like it’s going to explode. I have never been a party person with the exception of our time with Ronald Reagan. Even then, it wasn’t about the party, really. I think the only time I have ever admired the Republican Party is when it was founded in, of all places the GREAT STATE of WISCONSIN and for the reason it was founded.

If you are a student of true history, the reason the Republican Party was formed, at least one of the reasons it was formed; was for the end of slavery. Ironic, isn’t it that the man in the White House claims the first REPUBLICAN President, Abraham Lincoln for his own, except for everything Abraham Lincoln stood for.

I digress. I am DONE, DONE, DONE! I wash my hands of it all. This year my only resolution besides trying to be more holy, charitable and humble was to keep politics off the blog except for ProLife and Religious Liberty issues. I think I have kept that promise so far.

I also promised myself that the person who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave would not have his name mentioned here at ACBlog. I have definitely kept that promise. Even including the photo I posted of the signing of the anti-violence bill (the Bishops didn’t support it, this why I posted the article) I took out his name in the photo caption.

Why, do you ask, am I doing this? A name in both Jewish tradition and Catholic tradition is not just a name… names have meaning…names are part of our spiritual makeup and therefore have to be carefully chosen and we must live up to that meaning. I can go more into this but if you research it you will find out more about this.

When Our Lord named Simon “Peter” it was something that most likely scandalized Jewish people at the time. We know Peter’s name means ROCK and this word/name was only used in reference to the Divine. (Check out the Psalms) Of course we know what Our Lord was doing, He was instituting the Papacy. Well, now we see why names are so very important.

As Catholics, we are SUPPOSED to take a Saint name at Baptism except many Catholic parents opt for the secular now. At Confirmation, the same…In Religious orders priests, monks, friars, brothers and nuns take new names to show their vow to Christ and His Church.

To speak of someone by name gives credence to this. In charity, I cannot call this man in Washington by name. Here is a source on the ancient Hebrew meaning:

It’s interesting to note that the ancient Hebrew name Barak means thunder, indicating that the Hebrews and Egyptians diverged on the name, as the a, in ka, is left off in the hebrew, Barak, not including any meaning that ka applies, a soul double of a cosmic force, which lends itself to the ancient Hebrews’ knowledge that humans were created by God, not by lightning or a sun burst causing swamp goo to morph into creatures. Source: James I. Nienhuis

(Editor’s note: some linguists say the Hebrew meant lightning also. The collective lightning and thunder could have been viewed as one entity)

He does not live up to this meaning by his actions. I am not judging him, I pray for him. I do however, observe his actions. As a Catholic Christian I am full aware of the early & current Church teaching on fraternal correction. St Paul puts it forth clearly. Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI reaffirmed it. Strongly.

The name chosen for the GOP was Republican. One who represents the Republic. Now, his influence has finally infected the “Grand Old Party”. The GOP was already on its’ road to destruction because of the “Country Club Republicans” who took over the party after Ronald Reagan left office. The Neo-Cons and their strangely Democrat-lite view of things started this road of decline. Now the GOP is happily accepting their 30 pieces of silver.

Now onto a much more important name…taken first as an adjective.

The word (adjective) Catholic means universal in Greek. It was first used by Saint Paul in the Epistles to describe THE CHURCH. However, it certainly can be called a NAME. So why do we not revere the name and allow others, in particular, politicians & the media to trash it ? Of course, people will say that we did it to ourselves with the recent scandals.There has always been scandals and in particular, sin and sinners within the Church. That does not lessen the seriousness of scandal or sin, BY ANY MEANS. What it does mean is that the Church Herself, is Divine. It is the BODY OF CHRIST. Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church and promised that hell would not prevail against its gates. He also made sure we understood that there would always be the sinners in it along with the holy and that HE would separate the “wheat and the chaff” at the end.

Names are important whether we want to believe it or not. All we have to do is look at Our Lord’s Name: Jesus, enough said.

So, you say, what does this have to do with anything, Sofia?

I want you to understand how important our identity in Christ is and that name we call ourselves, “Catholic”. It is WHO we are, always. We can say we don’t believe, we can say we are a former Catholic but upon Baptism we are born of the water and of the Holy Spirit into the Catholic Faith and we are changed FOREVER. Yes, we can be excommunicated for acts against the faith but the indelible mark of Baptism remains. IT IS WHO WE ARE.

Do not let anyone disgrace OUR name. Stand up for Truth. Pray for our enemies but do not enable them. The Republicans now have abandoned us. They now have taken up with the Democrat Party in stealing away our Religious Liberty and have attacked us as the Body of Christ. The following story will explain all. It will explain my first rant in a long time.

I am standing with Jesus and His Church. The government that the founders gave us which included this RIGHT of RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ( listed FIRST over Free Speech in the First Amendment) does not exist anymore. The government in place now would be unrecognizable to the founders. I am sure they would be both angry and sad that We the People let this happen.

The difference however, between the American form of government and the Body of Christ is that the government is completely man made. The founders understood this well. They described clearly that our rights were inalienable and that they came from Almighty God but the government was for and by the people.. No government has ever recognized this or even believed this until the American experiment.

The story goes that as Benjamin Franklin emerged from Independence Hall at the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a woman asked him, “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”.

Mr. Franklin replied, “A republic, madam – if you can keep it.”

Solemn and prophetic words, too bad he was right.


GOP House Approves CR That Funds All Obamacare–Including Regulation Attacking Religious Freedom
By Terence P. Jeffrey March 6, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted 267-151 on Wednesday to approve a $982-billion continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government through the rest of fiscal 2013 that fully funds the implementation of Obamacare during that period.

The House Republican leaders turned aside requests from groups of conservative members to include language in the bill that would have withheld funding for implementation of all of Obamacare, or, alternatively, that would have withheld funding for the Obamacare regulation that requires health-plans to provide cost-free coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

On Tuesday, the Republican-controlled Rules Committee rejected a request by Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R.-Okla.) to allow the full House to simply vote on an amendment to the CR sponsored by Bridenstine, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R.-Kans.) and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R.-Fla.) that would have stripped funding from implementation of Obamacare.

Last week, Bridenstine and Huelskamp sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor asking them to include such language in the CR. The CR produced by the leadership did not include that language.

Bridenstine then asked the Rules Committee on Wednesday–when it approved the rule that would govern House floor proceeding on the CR–to allow a vote on his amendment. The Rules Committee, however, rejected Bridenstine’s request and refused to allow the rank and file members of the House to even vote on the proposition of defunding Obamacare.

Similarly, 14 Republican House members, led by Rep. Diane Black (R.-Tenn.) and Rep. John Fleming (R.-La.), wrote Boehner and Cantor last week asking them to include language in the CR that would reverse the sterilization-contraception-abortifacient regulation in order to protect the free exercise of religion, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment.

The Republican leaders did not include language in their CR to reverse this regulation–even though Boehner himself had declared in a House floor speech on Feb. 8, 2012 that the regulation was a violation of the constitutional right to freedom of religion and that Congress would not let it stand.

The Roman Catholic bishops of the United States have unanimously declared that the sterilization-contraception-abortifacient regulation–whose enforcement will now be carried out with funds approved by the Republican-controlled House–is an “unjust and illegal mandate” that violates the “personal civil rights” of individual Americans.

While the Republican-controlled House did not use the must-pass CR to defund or reverse any part of Obamacare, it did use the CR to accomplish other priorities through defunding.

For example, it prohibited the purchase of foreign-made ball bearings. “None of the funds appropriated by this Act may be used for the procurement of ball and roller bearings other than those produced by a domestic source and of domestic origin,” says the CR.

The act also, for example, prohibits (with some exceptions) sending more than 50 government employees to a conference overseas.

“None of the funds made available in this Act may be used to send or otherwise pay for the attendance of more than 50 employees from a Federal department or agency that are stationed within the United States at any single conference occurring outside a state of the United States, except for employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs stationed in the Philippines, unless the relevant Secretary reports to the Committees on Appropriations of both Houses of Congress at least 5 days in advance that such attendance is important to the national interest,” says the Act.

But, by contrast, it does not restrict funding for Planned Parenthood.

Of the 151 members of the House who voted against this CR, only 14 were Republicans. They included: Justin Amash (Mich.), Jim Bridenstine (Okla.), Broun (Ga.), Ron DeSantis (Fla.), Scott DesJarlais (Tenn.), John J. Duncan Jr. (Tenn.), Phil Gingrey (Ga.), Louie Gohmert (Tex.), Jack Kingston (Ga.), Tom McClintock (Calif.). Thomas Massie (Ky.), Bill Posey (Fla.), Matt Salmon (Ariz.), and Steve Stockman (Tex.).

Despite the vow they made in their 2010 “A Pledge to America” to post bills online for at least 72 hours before bringing them up for a vote, the House Republican leaders brought this CR up for a vote a little less than 48 hours after posting it.

Editor’s Note: Ugh!

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