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Fear Not… #DivineMercy is Here via @Sr_Lisa

Reprinted from : 7 April 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sister Lisa Marie Doty FDCC
at her blog, Nunspeak

I desire that the first Sunday after Easter be the Feast of Mercy.
(Diary # 299)

“Tell the whole world of My great Mercy; that whoever approaches the Fount of Life on this day will be granted complete remission of sins and punishment.+Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My Mercy. +Oh, how much I am hurt by a soul’s distrust! Such a soul professes that I am Holy and Just, but does not believe that I am Mercy and does not trust in My Goodness.Even the devils glorify My Justice but do not believe in My Goodness.My Heart rejoices in this title of Mercy.”
(Diary # 300)

It’s the 3 o’clock hour the day before Divine Mercy Sunday, and I was just informed of yet another young person who chose to take his own life. I offer this post for him and his family, and for all those who have walked this path and found no way to endure the heavy cross.

I offer this post too for all those who battle on with thoughts of taking their own life. I pray for you daily, and ask my readers to pray for you too. The message of Jesus’ Divine Mercy is for you. Blessed John Paul II made a point of telling us, “Do not be afraid!…Fear not!” Often, depression is a fearful thing, and anyone ever been caught in an undertow might have a sense that, depression can leave one feeling there is no escape.

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