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A Series on Truth from the blog, “Let Us Find Truth”

22 April 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sarah Campbell

Just a short note to let you know that Sofia is working on the housekeeping of the blog and I am now responsible for posting for a short while. Sofia has been sick but does have some days which are good and is working in the background as she recuperates.
Prayers always welcome… Sofia has written an introduction for this post below. As usual, she does not mince words.

This blog, “Let Us Find Truth” was submitted for Always Catholic’s Blogroll and ofter reading just one or two posts, both Sofia and me were convinced this was something which need to be published. With all the moral relativism practiced in the world, with all the evil which is observed as “what are people thinking when they do these despicable acts?” nonsense and the overwhelming selfcenteredness which is the call for the day, it is time for basic lessons about Truth. Not the truth. Truth…. Natural law, right and wrong, good versus evil.

In the aftermath of the Boston Bombings, when will we just say what it is? I read that even some of our own religious leaders in the Catholic Church perpetuate this aversion to just saying WHAT IT IS. IT IS EVIL. IT IS EVIL that drives people to arrogantly set a bomb next to an eight year old boy and his family.

When will Truth be taught? Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI was totally forthright about good vs. evil, about Truth and about lukewarmness that helps to propagate evil. Pope Francis, as well is speaking directly to us about EVIL. We all want everything to be happy and non confrontational. That’s great…I think Christ promised us that IN THE NEXT WORLD. There is very little time here until the next time those who love evil will kill and maim again.

The government loves politically correct speech and the feel good game. It makes them look so kind to everyone. The Church however, must show charity but ALWAYS with Truth. It the priests, Bishops and Cardinals do not directly deal with this issue and try to sugarcoat it, they are not purveyors of the Truth. Christ loved us so much He suffered and died at the hands of evil. Not just the evil of His physical time but of the evil of the Original Sin of our First Parents. The evil of all of our sins from the past and in the future.

We must say what it is…IT IS EVIL…We have no problem saying when something is good. However, we think it’s negative and undermining to call something evil when it is just that. No, it is not unkind or uncharitable to do that, it’s called Truth. Uncomfortable for most to say or understand, it is what it is.


Concerning Truth

1. Back to Basics

by benjamindt

This being the outset of an attempt to contribute to the search for truth, I feel that I must first lay down an introduction of sorts rather than jump right in to a first essay. Laying my thoughts out like this may offer the next step and allows me, in a way, to map out my thoughts rather than attempt the lunacy of giving them order as they bound back and forth in my mind. This method is now becoming clearer to me, as my old architecture professor persistently advised this for design work. Why it never took hold, I will never know, but from prior experience I assure you that ideas which remain in the mind, remain jumbled and unrealized.

With that set I wish to use this tool not only to advocate an opinion or belief in search of Truth, but also as a forum for discussion. We are all in search of the Truth, and only God knows the whole of attainable knowledge. Only He can be certain of these truths since He does not simply know, He contains the Truth. Simply put, our Lord God IS TRUTH. My desire is to know God better, to come closer to Him and I can only reason that in finding the Truth, we will find Him. There are many practices that may bring us closer to God, but these all fall short of Him when lacking truth and humility (as humility is simply the acceptance of the truth about yourself).

The search for truth does lead to knowledge, but we must also realize that we are limited in our capacity for such knowledge or at least certainty of that knowledge. Omniscience makes us at level with God, and we are not, “Who, though He (Christ) was in the form of God, did not regard equality with God something to be grasped.” (Phillipians 2:6). Christ is God and despite His rightful claim, He became a servant so as to demonstrate how we should live. He corrected the sin of Adam who wrongly sought equality with God. The truth that we can know is out there, and for the rest, we have faith, for faith is reasoned belief in what we cannot know and it is not only sufficiently supplemental but required in the acceptance of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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