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“3 reasons I love Catholicism: Truth, goodness, and beauty” via Contemplative Homeschool

23 April 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sarah Campbell

This post is from Connie Rossini at her blog, Contemplative Homeschool. Connie’s Blog incorporates Faith-based Homeschooling with Carmelite spirituality. Please use this opportunity to read a Catholic Blog which is so much more than what you might think. Even if you are not involved in homeschooling, Connie’s Carmelite spirituality has something for all of us.

With the love of Saint Therese,

Sarah Campbell

3 reasons I love Catholicism: Truth, goodness, and beauty

by Connie Rossini

Micaela at California to Korea is hosting a link-up called “3 Reasons I love Catholicism.” You can submit your link all month. There are lots of good submissions, so check them out and join up. My reasons (in this post, anyway) are the triumvirate of truth, goodness, and beauty. I will show you how truth, goodness, and beauty are essential to the Contemplative Homeschool and to seeking God.

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, in Spiritual Passages: The Psychology of Spiritual Development “for those who seek”, uses the categories of truth, beauty, goodness, and oneness in a similar way to learning styles or temperaments. They signify to him four ways of relating to God. We can use these categories to help ourselves and our students/children grow spiritually.
Truth satisfies the intellect

The Catholic Church speaks the truth, no matter how few listen. She does not shy away from controversy. Countless Catholics have been martyrs for the truth. Unlike our relativistic culture, and some other religions and philosophies, Catholics believe the truth is objective and knowable. Humans have minds that desire satisfaction. By upholding objective truth, the Church upholds man’s dignity.

Teach your children this verse: “Ask, and it shall be given to you. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door shall be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). Knowing there is truth gives your children an anchor. They will not be “blown about by every wind of doctrine” (Ephesians 4:14). They will feel steady and secure. Children love to know there are limits. My son J (age 2) urges me to put him in bed when he is naughty, because he finds comfort in knowing the limits I put on his behavior.

Teach your children humility. Even as parents we don’t have all the answers. In the Church herself, doctrine can develop (but not into something contradictory), and customs can change. But the truth is firm. Jesus is the truth.

Leave lots of time for your children to think, discuss, and ask questions. Bring the questions “What is man?” and “What is my purpose in Life?” to every subject. Teach them how to reason, how to spot poor arguments, and how to articulate the truth. Make them into little philosophers–lovers of truth. Teach them the Catechism, along with math and science. Teach them the facts of history, including Church history.
Goodness satisfies the will.

Moral relativists claim there is no good or evil. When pressed, most do not really believe this. They have their own taboos, for whatever reason–even if they won’t publicly criticize others who break them.

The Church promotes goodness. She proposes a moral code. She gives us the tools we need to become saints, and canonizes those who do. She recognizes that humans have free will. We don’t just want to know. We want to love. We want to choose what is good.

The rest of the post is as good as this so click HERE for the rest!

The advice given here is certainly not only for raising children, but for all of us. I am a young adult and Connie’s advice about the internet, etc. certainly has helped me to understand how to conduct myself properly. In addition, I was homeschooled all but two years and this is how I was raised. I am grateful for it and as I said, this is a rule for life for all of us. Thank you, Connie.

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