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@FatherZ says it’s 23 April: Talk Like Shakespeare Day!

I first saw the first of Father Z’s posts on “Talk like Shakespeare Day” when I was studying Shakespeare. I was homeschooled most of my life but there were two years I had to go to school. It was a Catholic school, not totally awful but my Catholic homeschooling was much much better. I did however, bring the idea into school and my English teacher loved it. We worked on it in English and then we did it in all our other classes. We made the school newsletter and a merry time was had by all!

To Father Z, “I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” The Bard

Sarah Campbell
Intern at AlwaysCatholic

Posted on 23 April 2013 by Fr.John Zuhlsdorf at
Father Z’s Blog

Drawing from material that I have posted in the past, I warmly remind the readership that today is

Talk Like Shakespeare Day!


Artwork credit: http://4portasnamesa.blogspot.com

I urge you all hence forth to speak in verse.
Pentameter iambic would be best.
O list, gentles! Also strive to use
in thy fair speech some homage to the Bard.

Maybe you could (ehem… coulds’t thou not) use the word “Prithee” a few times today, or, perchance, “perchance”?

Rather than just handing over the cash when the pizza is deliveréd, you could say “Here’s thy guerdon. Go!”.

If a villainous churl would make to steal thy parking spot or cut thee off in traffic, avail thyself not of those usual short epithets common to such occasions. How much more satisfying to lower thy window and exclaim, “Ha! I’ll tell thee what; Thou’rt damn’d as black–nay, nothing is so black; Thou art more deep damn’d than Prince Lucifer: There is not yet so ugly a fiend of hell!”… or words to that effect.

Is some rampallian staring at you at the cafeteria? Macbeth wouldn’t have stood for that! You wouldn’t catch Macbeth saying, “Wanna take a photo?”. Ho hum! Today, try this: “The devil damn thee black, thou cream-faced loon! Where got’st thou that goose look?” Or should you be buying that arabical potion post-haste, a simple “Take thy face hence!”, would suffice.

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