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The Best Essay EVER on Our Rights

posted on May 17, 2013 A.D. by
Lisa Graas at her blog,

Ten Rights Not Mentioned in the U.S. Constitution

written by Lisa Graas

One of the very frustrating things about politics for me is that so many people, both on the Left and the Right, speak about rights as if the Constitution (or government, in general) is their source. God is the source of our rights, not any man-made government. In America, certain of these God-given rights are considered to be so basic that, in order to have an orderly society, government must defend them. This is why we have a Constitution, because laws and law enforcement preserve us from the horrific consequences of anarchy. In all other things but defense of basic rights, government is supposed to be silent. Because our rights come from God, and because people have diverse views about God, the force of government in defense of rights has to be limited to the basics in order that our civil government does not oppress those of different beliefs. Our rights, though, are many more in number than what we see in civil law.

Here, in no particular order and paraphrased from the Code of Canon Law, are ten rights that I have, in my understanding as a Catholic believer in God, that are not listed in the Constitution. I have others besides those I list here. The silence of government on these matters does not mean that the right does not exist. It is between me, God, and the Church. Having said that, if any civil law infringes on these and any other rights that I have in accordance with the Catholic Faith, then that law is an unjust law.

Ten Rights Not Mentioned in the U.S. Constitution

1. Right to spread the Gospel in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

2. Right to express my needs and desires, particularly spiritual ones, to the Church.

3. Right to express any concerns that I may have to priests and to my bishop about matters pertaining to the good of the Church.

4. Right to follow my own spiritual life provided that it is in keeping with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

5. Right to education that is in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

For the rest of the list and to finish reading the BEST ESSAY ever written on our rights as a people and as Catholics, please click HERE. Lisa Graas has articulated this whole battle we find ourselves in better than anyone out there. When you read this, LEARN it…your freedom as a child of God depends on it.

Lisa Graas is a single, disabled mom of four. Lisa has served as a board member for Kentucky Right to Life and as a crisis pregnancy counselor for the Archdiocese of Louisville. Lisa was previously a contributor at NewsRealBlog.com and is a current contributor for LiveActionNews.org and TreeFrogClick.com. Lisa was voted the second best Catholic to follow on Twitter (after the Pope) at About.com’s 2013 “Catholicism” Readers’ Choice Awards. You can follow her on Twitter HERE!

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