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@FatherZ is CORRECT! Father Heilman is a WAY COOL Priest

24  June 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

A week ago I had the honor and the privilege of meeting a very holy priest. This priest loves his vocation and shows it in every way. Father Rick Heilman from St Mary’s of Pine Bluff, WI is one of those priests who immediately draws you in with his boyish personality (that’s a big compliment, believe me) but don’t get me wrong, this is a very intelligent priest who “gets it”.

I attended a funeral at St. Mary’s for a nun who was friends with my dear friend Mary here in Wisconsin. Her husband Stanley (the funniest man ever!) accompanied us along with Sarah (@CatholicTeen). All of us agree that Father Heilman truly loves his vocation. It was the holiest and most reverent OF Funeral I have ever witnessed. Ever…

Father Heilman now offers all OF Masses Ad Orienten, thanks be to God. When he offered the prayers before and after the Consecration (the Eucharistic Prayers which I have a hard time saying for whatever reason) the whole Church was enraptured praying with him. I was, truthfully, moved to tears. Here was a witness of what our Benedict was trying to teach us with Summorum Pontificum. The EF WILL lift up the reverence of the OF. Those who pigeonhole the EF for Rad Trads, you don’t get it yet. The EF is the Mass which the Saints who were priests offered. Would you say to St Ignacio de Loyola that he wasn’t holy enough because he wore silk vestments, lace and plenty of incense? This is what I read on the Catholic blogosphere and it is ridiculous. Those traditionalists who went after Pope Francis on the EF, equally ridiculous.

Here comes Father Heilman, the type of priest who can calm the ridiculous. Thank you Lord. Here in Wisconsin…in the Diocese of Madison whose Bishop, His Excellency Robert Morlino is truly a shepherd and teacher. Bishop Morlino is truly a priest with a backbone. Truly committed to being a Bishop who loves Christ, His Church and His priests. How blessed are we!

Now, here is a piece from our Internet pastor, Father John Zuhlsdorf about Father Heilman. It is a VERY COOL POST about a VERY COOL PRIEST. Yup, cool and very very holy. Read on!

(Quick update before publishing! Father Heilman will be learning the EF Mass from ours truly, FatherZ! Will keep all posted as I go to St. Mary’s often to offer any help to this wonderful priest!)



posted by Father John Zuhlsdorf at his blog,
Father Z’x Blog (WDTPRS)
10 June 2013

Yes, this one got me a little excited.

In the past I have posted about a very cool priest, Fr. Richard Heilman, pastor of glorious Pine Bluff, WI. You may recall that he founded a group called the Knights of Divine Mercy and that some months ago he switched to celebrating Mass ad orientem exclusively.

Fr. Heilman just celebrated his 25th anniversary, btw!

When they hauled the versus populum altar out of the church and into the rectory, I posted this:

Months later, here is an update.

I went to a celebration at the parish for Father’s 25th anniversary. He wanted to show me what he did with that altar they hauled out of the church to the rectory.

As you step into the front door of the rectory, there is a small vestibule with three doors. To the center, you enter the house. I’ll get to the left in a moment.

To the right, you find this!  —>

The Blessed Sacrament is present with the permission of the local bishop.

He put clear appliques on the windows.

There are a couple chairs and kneelers.

“But Father! But Father!” you might be chirruping. ”What behind the door to the left!”

Father Heilman’s office.

But with a difference.

Click HERE to read the rest of the post. You will rejoice at the rest. Father Heilman gets it.

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