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Identity in Christ is the Answer, Mr. Gershom

We support Lisa Graas in her mission of mercy to teach all of us about our identity. Particularly those struggling with same-sex attraction, that identifying yourself as a homosexual is not Truth. Our identity is in Christ, not in our sexuality. Lisa teaches us in charity this basic Truth. We, here at Always Catholic support Lisa, unconditionally. She is teaching the Truth of Christ and His Holy Church.


An Appeal to Steve Gershom

by Lisa Graas at her blog,
25 June 2013 A.D.

Note: I admit that I am, at the moment, ill. I do not have my usual capabilities of reason. Please know that as you read, and make up your own mind about what the truth is.

Steve Gershom has two articles on line that contradict each other on a major point: whether or not it is okay to identify yourself as “gay.” I ask him to remove one of them, to ask everyone who has published it to remove it, because it is a critical point in Catholic spirituality and his two articles are contradictory. He should decide which of the two points is the wrong one and which is the right one and he should remove the one he thinks is wrong.

The first article is “Gay, Catholic and Doing Fine” which is published at Little Catholic Bubble, LifeTeen, and other places. In this article, he identifies as “gay.” You can find it if you search the internet for the title.

The second article, written later, is at Our Sunday Visitor and, perhaps, other places, too. It is “After the desert: A faithful Catholic’s reflection on same-sex attraction.”

In the second article, he begins:

What would I know about vocation? I’m 28, a faithful Catholic and gay. A little explanation of that last part: It would be more accurate to say that I have same-sex attraction than that I’m gay.

Later in the same article, he writes this:

In the middle of my desert I encountered a different set of premises, from a variety of sources: mostly my spiritual director, Father T, but also from good books (“Growth Into Manhood,” by Alan Medinger), good organizations (People Can Change), good experiences (three months in Peru), and good friends (you know who you are). Up until that point I had believed that the statement “I am gay” is the same sort of statement as “I am male” or “I am human.” Homosexuality was supposed to be an essential, rather than an accidental, part of me, just as deep as gender or species, or deeper.

This idea comes from the gay rights movement, but an awful lot of Christians believe it too. It is utter poison. If gay is what I am (or “who I am,” as the saying goes), then Catholicism really does require a mode of existence in direct contradiction to the deepest parts of me. That didn’t make sense to me, because I had always understood the Christian life as the only thing that could fulfill the deepest parts of me. But I was still trying to believe both things. No wonder I was lost.

If, on the other hand, my homosexuality is a part of me, rather than being my nature — something I have, rather than something I am — then things are different. It became apparent that I could change. I don’t mean stop liking men and start liking women. I mean everything else: my self-imposed vocation of suffering, my self-pity, my self-isolation, my chronic fear and regret and loneliness. Next to those things, a little celibacy isn’t too bad.

The rest of the post can be found HERE. I ask you please to go to read the rest of the post at CatholicBandita as it is very important to support Lisa in the mission. It is our souls at stake here readers.

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