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Happy Birthday Gift to Me: Counting My Blessings

12 July 2013 Anno Domini
Posted by Sofia Guerra

As I write this post, yet another birthday comes around.

Many people, particularly women, start worrying about birthdays pretty much starting with their thirtieth. Not me.

In my twelfth year, I found my comfort zone and pretty much am still the same kid. Anyone who meets me never guesses my age because I guess I act like a 12 year old. Now that doesn’t mean I’m immature or that’s a bad thing.

I have met many 12 year old’s who are quite mature and are also great kids. Some are focused as I was, ready to embrace life and live God’s Plan. It’s that kind of 12 year old I am.

Unfortunately, some people I know refuse to acknowledge that I can stay twelve forever and try to analyze my behavior and are critical. Oh well, too bad if they can’t take a joke. If someone wants to help me be a better Christian and fraternally corrects me, I love that. Point fingers? Not so much.

When a friend criticizes to the point I start to feel bad about myself, I immediately pray. I thank Christ that He is my identity and then, I won’t pick up the phone for a few days. If a friend responds positively, great! If not, I am sorry that they think they have to act “old”.

I have several friends, many acquaintances but the friends are all much older than me or the same age so it’s not like I am trying to hang out with young people. (Although my much younger cousins ALWAYS want me to go out with them) Anyway, enough complaining about nonsense.

I am a great fan of baseball, old movies and in particular, Christmas movies. I love this week in July as the All Star game in baseball is always played on my birthday or right around it. The Hallmark Channel always, always has a week of Christmas movies during my birthday week and I totally gorge myself on every Christmas movie during this time.

This year is no exception. I already have several recorded to watch today and many more to come. I will finish out my wonderful day outside with a double feature at home with @Catholicteen (Sarah) popcorn, hot frozen chocolate and Christmas nightgowns and blankies. Yes, I said blankies!

It is always a fantastic finish to my birthday. It is a tradition I started years ago and I enjoy it more every year.There is one thing I do which is more important than this Yuletide indulging. I count my blessings as a birthday gift to myself.

When I was about 7 years old, I first watched “White Christmas” with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen. I instantly knew that this would always be my favorite movie. I was a big Bing Crosby fan and his portrayal as a priest in “Going my Way” and in ” The Bells of Saint Mary’s” were certainly a positive image of our beloved Holy Mother Church in a time long past.

I knew that the most famous song recorded by Crosby (White Christmas) would always bring memories of wonderful Christmases of my childhood. More importantly though, a not so well known song from the movie always stayed with me from my childhood.
“Count Your Blessings” is a simple song reminding us that if we “count our blessings instead of sheep we would never have a problem getting to sleep”.

It is so true, at least for me. More than that, counting my blessings of the past year on my birthday every year has become the one birthday gift I look forward to each and every birthday.

Just try it. You might be surprised what a gift it is.

God love you all,


FYI: The song “White Christmas” was written by Irving Berlin for the movie starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire called “Holiday Inn”. Berlin wanted the movie “White Christmas” to be sort of a non-sequel “sequel” to Holiday Inn but Fred Astaire didn’t like the script and refused to do it. The script was altered and Danny Kaye took the part. White Christmas went on to become the Number One movie of 1954. I bet you Danny Kaye was happy Astaire dropped out!

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