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Please Join Us at Always Catholic Blog in Praying for Thomas Peters

2 August 2013
Posted by Sofia Guerra

I have been out of the loop for a few weeks as I am spending these last days with Sarah as she prepares to leave for boot camp. The days move so quickly that I have only put up a few posts.

Sadly, I missed the report on Thomas Peters (@AmericanPapist on Twitter, blogger at CatholicVote.org and Communications Director and Blog Manager for the National Organization for Marriage) and his accident but I want his wife and family to know we have been storming Heaven with prayers ever since we found out.

We are posting this information from Dr Ed Peters (the esteemed Canon Lawyer) who is Thomas’ father.

From Dr Ed Peters, JD JCD, Ref. Sig. Ap. at his blog,

In the Light of the Law
A Canon Lawyer’s Blog

Please consider invoking Felix Cappello, SJ, for Thomas Peters
July 18, 2013

Update: Thom’s friends have set up a website to track his progress.

I tell my kids what my mom told me: to pray for the sick and the poor every day if only because any of us can find ourselves being either or both at any time.

As many of my blog readers already know, my oldest son Thomas (the American Papist) was seriously hurt in a swimming accident two days ago and remains in critical condition with spinal cord injuries at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He, his wife of three months Natalie, and our families are overwhelmed with the outpouring of prayers and support that we have received so far, and now I would like to ask a special favor.

Please consider invoking the intercession of Fr. Felix Cappello SJ (1879-1962), one-time Confessor of Rome and the greatest sacramental lawyer of the 20th century, for Thomas’ speedy and complete recovery. I draw on Cappello’s canonical works in almost everything I write—no joke, I am finishing a scholarly article right now that he provided the crucial insight for—but I never thought I’d suggest drawing on his intercession for one of my very own. Well, I am doing so now.

Naturally, if you have your own favorite go-to saints in urgent cases, by all means, go! But if you are looking for a suggestion, I’d offer Fr. Cappello.

And thank you.

Here is the prayer (for private use) we will be praying for Thomas.

P. FELICE M CAPPELLO S.J. (1879-1962)

Prayer (private) to obtain graces through the intercession

of Rev Felix Maria Cappello, S.J.

O Jesus, for the welfare of the Church and the comfort of the faithful, you filled your servant Felice Maria Cappello with the gifts of your Spirit and made of him a pious and zealous priest, an exemplary religious, a luminary of learning, a reliable advisor, and an untiring worker, now grant the grace hoped for in evidence of his intercession and let us imitate his piety, humility, patience, and kindness before your Divine Heart and the Immaculate Heart of your Most Holy Mother

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be. O Lord,

glorify your faithful servant on earth!


Please join us in this prayer daily and check HERE for updates on his condition.

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