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Father Nicholas: The REAL Santa Claus via @manwithblackhat

6 December 2013

6 December 2013 Anno Domini

sinterklaasPosted by David L. Alexander at his blog, ManwithBlackHat

When I was very young, some of my classmates would leave their shoes outside the bedroom door on the night of the fifth of December, so that Saint Nicholas would leave them treats.

We never did that at our house, but I did ask Mom how it was that Saint Nicholas got to be called Santa Claus. By this time I had already determined a connection between the two. But while my mother was salutatorian of her high school class — there were ten students at most, but that’s not the point — she was not one to wear her erudition on her sleeve. So, rather than go into an entymological treatise on the subject, she simply told me: “Say ‘Santa Claus’ three times real fast.” That carried me over for at least a few years.

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