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@ManwithBlackHat Tells Us Why The Beatles Matter and so do I…

10 February 2014

Posted by Sarah Campbell
February 10, 2014 A.D.

Last week, my Mom, Sofia and myself watched CNN. Normally that would never happen as we stay away from cable news. However, there was a special on about the Beatles and Mom wanted me to see what she actually saw live on TV 50 years ago.

Watching the show was interesting, but what was more interesting was my Mom’s reaction to it. Not often do you get to see history you have witnessed years later before you eyes.

Modern technology has changed this drastically as now we are in the age of all things media and computer. When I am Mom’s age I hope I can have the experience she had while watching these tapes of the Beatles arrival and appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (didn’t know who that was but Mom explained). It was if she was there again.

The interesting thing is not her telling me about The Beatles but how her parents reacted to it. Her parents were very strict Catholic parents and her Dad was an artist and musician and her Mom is an artist and music lover.

She told me how her Dad brought home posters from his job in NYC which were one of a kind. They let my Mom and her sister to stay up and watch Ed Sullivan on a Sunday night when normally they would have been in bed halfway through. Her Mom and Dad took her and her sister to the drive-in to see “A Hard Day Night” and they had a blast in their pajamas, and blankets watching it sitting up on the back of the car where the convertible top went down. In this day and age someone would have called Child Protective Services.

My Mom remembered that all of it was fun really because her parents enjoyed it with them. I guess David Alexander is right when he says The Beatles matter. My Mom has wonderful memories of her and her family enjoying all of it together. Her strict parents recognized musical talent and didn’t do what what most parents do about the younger generation’s music: Complain.

Yes, today even though I am young I do not like most of what I hear. My Mom doesn’t either. It’s not because she is a parent, it’s because she is also a musician and an artist. She recognizes talent.

Interestingly enough, her fondest memories are of when her dad would play, “Yesterday” by The Beatles and “Surfer Girl” by The Beach Boys on the piano. She would sing while her father played. He was a great Dad. He gave her memories she remembers today like it was yesterday.

That’s why the Beatles matter, Man with Black Hat. But you already know that.

“It was fifty years ago today …” Why The Beatles Matter

by David L. Alexander
Posted at His Blog, ManwithBlackHat
February 9, 2014 A.D.

BeatlesFifty years ago tonight, the Beatles did their first televised performance in America, on The Ed Sullivan Show on CBS. They had already been together for several years, and had already released at least two albums the previous year, one in the United States. They had even made their first hit single, Please Please Me. But 1964 was the year that really put them on the map, and into the mainstream of American pop culture.

People can go on at great length as to the influence of “the four lads from Liverpool” on popular music. While they certainly did not invent rock and roll, they are responsible to a large extent for the genre as we know it today. To understand that, and to know why one major label actually rejected their audition two years earlier, is to understand the state of that genre for five years prior to that time.

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