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Growing Up Under Benedict XVI

11 February 2014

Posted by Sarah Campbell
11 February 2014 A.D.

Today is a reflective day for my mother as she reads blog after blog reflecting on the resignation of her favorite “mentor and teacher”.

Pope Benedict XVI Visits FreiburgThis has been a hard year for her physically but also emotionally as she sees many bloggers she used to admire attacking Benedict and all he did while Pope. The war on the Internet between certain Catholic bloggers has discouraged her so much she wanted just to end this blog.

I came home from boot camp and military training to help encourage her and to help with the blog. The things I have read are despicable and I am in shock that bloggers who once gave lip service to Pope Emeritus Benedict now turn on him like Robespierre on the peasants after every “Aristo” was slain.

Let me remind some of you thirty-somethings and early forty-somethings turncoat bloggers: Benedict is the Pope of my formative years. He is the Pope of my learning and loving the Mass. He is the Pope of my grammar school, high school and my 18th year. He is the Pope of my First Confession, First Holy Communion and my Confirmation. He is the Pope I thought would be with my perhaps into my twenties.

My generation learned the TRUE FAITH under his guidance. This is not a trifle. Pope Francis is our Pope now and of course, I am faithful to him. It is because I am faithful to him that I honor Benedict even more.

I am a child of Summorum Pontificum. I learned the Mass in Latin and went on to be a Latin scholar in high school because of his influence. I live a disciplined Catholic life, which in this world is the life preserver myself and my generation needs.

Say what you will “Catholic” bloggers who now slam Benedict. His pontificate was about teaching us to think and how to love. Perhaps you might want to take a break from blogging and read some of his writings… He might just teach you something you think you already know.

I was 11 going on 12 when I went to NYC to see Pope Benedict that April. One month later I received my First Holy Communion. Why so late? I asked if I could wait until then because I wanted to be truly ready. My pastor honored that request and so did my Mom and Dad.

In the years from seven through twelve my mother taught me from Joseph Ratzinger’s writings. You see, this brilliant man could be explained so easily to a child because he taught with love and with reason.

pope-catSo remember, there are many of us in this generation who truly became ” Catholics” under Pope Benedict.I don’t speak bad about any Pope. Please don’t speak unkindly about mine.

Anyway, how can you trash a Pope who had his cat on his desk while he worked? Guess I am the only one who noticed.

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