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“Learning to Love LOVE” a renewed blog worth reading…

My Introduction and Prayer

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Learning to Love LOVE

477px-saint_augustine_by_philippe_de_champaigneMy faith is not in creatures, not in the things of the world which pass away, not in humanity. My hope is in my Creator, the One Who Is, the One Who knew me even before He knit me in my mother’s womb (Jer. 1:5). My faith was not always in the True GOD, but if He had not always been there for me even when I was not with Him, I would not be alive to write these words today. To say that I do not actually care at all about the opinions of others would be a lie, but to base my self-image on them would be the path toward my destruction (as I well know, having ventured down it before). Rather, I choose to work and pray for the humility to see myself as GOD does and to strive to be the saint He created me to be. I ask Him daily for the grace I will need to be the man I am called to be, a man of the Church, a man for others, a man in Love’s image and likeness (1 Jn. 4:8, Gen. 1:27). I have in the past put my hope in worldly pursuits of modern academia, of self-seeking flesh, and of other vanities as ends of themselves. But the wisdom professed by St. Augustine in his Confessions I found to be so painfully yet liberatingly true: “My heart searches restlessly and finds no rest ’til it rests in Thee.”

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