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The Truth about Millennials: Their Love of the Extraordinary Form Mass & All Things Traditional

Editor’s Note:
I “met” Emmy Cecilia on Twitter several years ago as a result of a common interest in all things Jane Austen. Since then I have read her blog “Journey of a Catholic Nerdwriter” faithfully.
Her blog is well written (which in itself is a pleasure) and is an interesting look at Catholicism, the world and of course Austen, among other topics through the lens of a Millennial.

Many bloggers who are over the age of thirty-five pretty much don’t “get” the younger set. I read what others think they think, but as I read blogs like Emmy Cecilia’s and others, I KNOW they do not speak for them. In addition, younger people of Emmy’s age group seem to gravitate towards me IRL. I was puzzled by this at first because I am old enough to be their… Never mind, you get the idea.

What i have gleaned from conversations with the twenty-somethings is that they want TRUTH. They want to know about all things from the past and why we have changed certain things. I have met more young people who love the 18th and 19th century everything even though most of what they learn in school is revisionist history. They know that and research the truth on their own.

Interesting, very interesting…

As someone who is a devotee of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, I am always moved when I see college-aged people fill the pews at an EF Mass. Once in awhile I have gone to an Ordinary Form Mass and almost always I am disappointed by the lack of reverence, the terrible music and bland homily. Interesting thing. NO PEOPLE UNDER THIRTY THERE!

Plenty of senior couples, parents over 40 with young children and some high school aged kids (all bored with the music and Mass as I am) and the majority, over 50 women, alone make up the congregation at the Ordinary Form Masses I have been to.

So where are they young people we think don’t believe in God or at the least go to Church? They are at the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Quite a few bloggers (I’m thinking over at Patheos) rail on about “Rad Trads” and how they NEVER met a kind person at a EF Mass. Well, I don’t know where you are attending an EF Mass but that is NOT most places these days.

Yes, at the beginning of the fight, there were mostly older people who were upset over the major changes in the Mass who were not given pastoral care or love at the time of the changes. I witnessed the lack of charity towards them by many priests whose rainbow stoles blocked their vision. These days, you are more likely to find the majority of the EF Mass to be homeschooling YOUNG parents, college age and young 20 something professionals and just a quarter of the parish of the older people Pope Francis seems to think are the only ones who want this Mass.

Look at the bulletin of a parish who has the EF predominately. There are more Marriages, Baptisms, First Communions, Comfirmations and Young Adult Nights than funerals now. If you don’t believe me, email me and I will send you a list of parishes offering this Mass. If you can’t get to one of these Churches, better yet, read this young Catholic blogger, Emmy Cecilia.

I have followed her college experiences as well as her faith journey. She IS one of these young people who love the EF Mass and she will tell you why. I have read many more posts from others in this age group also who say the same thing.

Pope Francis, I know you have time for everyone now or so it seems. How about meeting with some of these young, educated men and women who are not attending the Traditional Mass because it’s a fad. How about talking with the young people themselves instead of reading the bloggers at Patheos. (Exception: Katrina Fernandez of course, who is young herself and loves Pope Emeritus Benedict and all the “bling”.)

I apologize to all the younger priests and older ones also who offer the Ordinary Form in a reverent manner. I have been to quite a few here in Madison WI which are reverent and are faithful to the sacred music of the Church. My negative experiences were ALL from the EAST Coast prior to my move to Wisconsin. (Exception: St John the Beloved in McLean, VA where both the EF and OF are offered with great reverence and an exceptional music program)

Thank you for indulging my rant and I hope Emmy Cecilia forgives me for stealing her thunder here. I so enjoyed this post from the past week that it gave me the courage to finally speak out regarding the Traditional Mass bashing of the last year. Thank you Emmy Cecilia, God love you.



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What I Learned Wednesday #34: Millennial “Trad Fad”

posted by Emmy Cecilia at her blog, “Journey of a Catholic Nerdwriter
23 July 2014 A,D,

Benedict on NerdwriterI know, I know. It’s been a couple of week since I’ve written one of these WILW posts but most of my Wednesdays have been occupied with studying for exams so I haven’t had the chance to write. Since this is my first free Wednesday in weeks (how did that happen?!), I thought I’d spent it writing about something that has irked me lately. I usually break these things up into three parts but I’m only focusing on this one topic this week.

Have you heard of the Millennial “Trad Fad”? You know, the trend in which Millennials immerse themselves in the world of Latin Masses, mantillas/chapel veils, and other pre-Vatican II things. Golly, we Millennials are such hipsters. (side note: don’t let the article title fool you; it doesn’t actually say that we’re hipsters.) I’m kind of hoping that Pope Francis’ comments were misunderstood and that he doesn’t really think that this is a fad… but I’ve heard that he’s not a big of Latin Masses so I don’t know.

I’ve never shied away from the fact that I really, really miss Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for several reasons, including the fact that (thanks to him) we’ve had Summorum Pontificum for 7 years now. Are the alleged quotes from Pope Francis legit? I don’t know… but I would be disappointed if they were. For someone who is so welcoming of others and their differences, the quotes made me cringe a little.

I can’t speak for others on why they prefer “traditional” Catholicism but I can tell you that many of my fellow Millennials who do have a preference to Latin Masses, chapel veils, incense (aka “smells and bells”), Gregorian chant, etc. don’t do it for the fad/trend of it. I’ve never once heard “ooh, not everyone is into this? I need to do this.” A good portion of us were poorly catechized and/or we’ve reverted/converted to the faith and we’ve come to these things on our own. Nobody did the thinking for us; we learned to appreciate them on our own. Free will, y’all. I personally looked into some – not all – of the changes that came from the Second Vatican Council while I was at that awful CINO college (because they didn’t teach these things; they taught that anything pre-Vatican II was outdated and bordered on evil) so I was able to make my own informed decisions based on my preferences.

Please, please click HERE to go to Emmy’s blog to read the rest of her post. I pray the next time you read a “Catholic” blogger bash the Traditional Mass and/or the younger people who attend it, please speak up. Remember, this is the Mass that was offered by the Saints of the past, attended by Saints and LOVED by Saints. So how could this EVER be described as a fad or even worse (as I have heard) evil. Pray for those who are threatened by loving a Mass which was offered for centuries and helped to convert billions of souls from the past.

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  1. I absolutely loved this post. I have one more year until I reach 30 yrs old. I love the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Here is a phrase I came up with and I believe it fits well with the liturgy: “There is beauty in reverence and reverence in beauty”

    • Thank you Joe for your beautiful comment. When I read Emmy’s post I had to cross post it with my thoughts.
      I know your generation will keep this beautiful Mass alive. My favorite people are you guys!
      God love you,

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