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Introducing “Go Forward & Make Some Noise” A Truly Catholic Blog

11 August 2014 A.D.

Sometimes when I feel like the world just doesn’t want to “get it” and relishes in sin, I think about putting this blog to sleep. I look in the mirror and ask myself that this little blog doesn’t matter and I could be doing something more “fun”?

Most of the doubt comes from struggling with severe health issues most of the time.Don’t get me wrong. I never complain because go through pain and sickness is the Lord’s greatest gift to me. Health, money and most issues of life always came easy to me. I have done more things in my life than a thousand people will ever get the opportunity to do.

Because of that I am grateful for pain and sickness because it has slowed me down, forced me to live on a small budget and gratefully allowed me much time to pray and study our Faith.
Ironically I have more time to do things I never had time to do before: Knit, Have a flower and vegetable garden (small and on a balcony but just beautiful & the best tasting herbs and tomatoes ever!) sew and to play instruments I have neglected doing in my busy “worldly” years.

My life is more rich now through the lens of illness than I could ever have imagined. None the less, I get sad when I see so many people live a life of silliness and sin that I thought my blog was a waste of time.

10444737_1646888448869800_1760438559038629264_nJust when I was about to throw in the towel, I get this email:

Dear Sofia,

I just wanted to write to you and to all at AlwaysCatholic a quick note of thanks. Although I am from Milwaukee, I am a faithful follower of your blog and you inspired me to start my own. The title of my blog is Go Forward Make Noise and can be found at www.mkecatholic.blogspot.com. My blog’s intention is to energize and engage young adults within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as well as helping to promote events throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Please feel free to check out the blog and or Facebook page if you would like.

Thanks again for your witness to the Catholic faith and for inspiring me to want to bring others closer to Christ through the internet.

God Bless,

John Bender

Shaking my head I realize that God has a great sense of humor. so I go to Mr. Bender’s blog expecting I guess the run of the mill good Catholic blog. What I found when I got there was something very special. I started reading the posts and was moved by the authenticity of the faith of the writer. I was moved by how he allows the Holy Spirit to touch him in ways I don’t see very often.

Several of the posts affected me where I was moved to joyful tears.John Bender is the answer to my fears about the world. He is someone who loves God and the Catholic Faith before all else. He calmly accepts the fact that we all should also. He then reached out to us with that love and faith and touches our hearts. Read and see what I mean…

Alot of us (myself included love to teach and sometimes preach about the Faith) Alot of us love to think we are smarter than the Pope and the Magisterium (Me too) Very few bloggers have the humility that John Bender does… there are a few…Lisa Graas at LisaGraas.com, Sister Lisa Doty at Nunspeak, Nikita Unverzagt OP at The Unpaved Path and of course, Emmy Cecilia at Journey of a Catholic Nerdwriter there are certainly more but you get the idea…

John is this kind of blogger. It’s not about him and his Catholic celebrity. It’s not about selling out to a blog group that thinks they are the Magisterium and argues with every Catholic they can that they know better. It’s not about self-promotion for a speaker’s tour or to sell books. It’s about his role in doing the work of a Catholic- getting those around him to love God more than anything else.

I encourage to check in on this blog as much as possible and your spirits will be raised. You might also find an answer to something you are personally struggling with.What you will find, most definitely, is hope. John is a young man with a big heart and soul. He is the future of the Church. When I first read his posts I didn’t realize he was young. I was surprised when I saw his photo on Twitter. I smiled to myself and said to God,

YOU DO HAVE A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR! (in the best way ever!)

Thank you, John Bender and all the aforementioned bloggers for your love of God, the Catholic Faith, your humility and for sharing it with us.”

The blog: More about “Go Forward and Make Noise”:/
Please Like the facebook page at www.facebook.com/gofowardmakenoise
Follow John on twitter @johnny_bender23
Email: johnpaulbender23@yahoo.com

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