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The Essential Happiness of Heaven

26 September 2014

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The Essential Happiness of Heaven

We shall see Him as He is. (1 St. John iii. 2.)

The one central source of Heaven’s happiness will be the Vision of God. We shall see Him face to face in all His Divine beauty; everything will be swallowed up in the absorbing delight of gazing on the majesty of the Most High. From this fount of joy all other joys will spring. This will in itself be Heaven. If the lost in Hell could see God for a single instant. Hell would at once become Heaven to them.

Why is this? Because in God are united every perfection and every beauty and every joy and every delight that exist or can exist, and all in an infinite degree. Every other joy is but a shadow as compared with the substance, a grain of dust compared with the loftiest mountains, a drop of water compared with the ocean. O my God, help me to despise the passing joys of earth when I think of the joy of seeing Thee!

The Beatific Vision will not convey the same degree of happiness to all who gaze upon it. It will depend upon our union with God on earth, on our faithfulness to grace, on our personal sanctity. One star differs from another star in glory. All will be happy in Heaven, but the happiness of some will be incomparably greater than that of others. What folly then if we let slip any of the eternal reward for the sake of some perishable trifle or miss any opportunity of adding to our of heavenly delight!

Pray that you may appreciate your heavenly treasure and strive continually to add to it.

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