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SynodWatch14: Bishop Morlino gets it and @CatholicLisa does also!

Bishop Morlino: The real underlying issue of the synod is the mind-body split

posted By Lisa Graas
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Last night, I watched a video of Bishop Morlino’s speech at Institute of Catholic Culture on the topic of the upcoming synod on the family. In the speech, he gives voice to the core reality of Christian life that I have been trying to preach from my little housetop in the context of identity in Christ. Identity in Christ is just one of the many teachings involving Christian family life that are denied by what Bishop Morlino refers to as the “mind-body split.” The mind-body split is essentially a relativist claim. It is claimed that what you believe in your mind is the reality that you must live, that there is not objective reality that you must adhere to.
Watch the video here.

Excerpt from Bishop Morlino’s speech, emphasis mine:

I used to tell college students all the time in the Seventies and the Eighties, the mind-body split is going to ruin society, and we’re getting close. We’re a lot closer now than we were in the Seventies and the Eighties.
So, Familiaris Consortio, the nuptial meaning of the body, the sacredness of the one flesh union, the place of God’s presence where he can indeed step in and create new life; a space, the one flesh union that belongs to God in a very special way.
The Instrumentum Laboris for the synod. What is an Instrumentum Laboris? It means the outline of the work we’re going to do. The Instrumentum Laboris is not a document that offers Catholic teaching. It’s an agenda for a meeting. This is what we’re going to talk about this October when the synod gets together.
bishop morlino offering EF MassIt’s an extraordinary synod. It means all the presidents of the bishops’ conferences throughout the world and a small group of others that the Holy Father appoints. An extraordinary synod is different from a general synod. When we have the general synod in 2016, we bishops get to elect other bishops besides the president of the conference to go. It’s bigger. So this extraordinary synod that’s coming up in October is preparatory for another larger synod to be held in a year, 2016.
So, this is the agenda for the meeting. These are the questions that we want to talk about, and they’re all the questions with regard to the family that we’ve discussed so far, and then some. There are more issues to be brought up, but the real underlying issue of the synod which just stays beneath every question and every topic is the mind-body split, and if one were to read the Instrumentum Laboris that way, you see that it’s about many different issues, but in the end it’s about one thing, the relationship of the human mind to the truth. Whether human freedom is meant to dominate nature and biology, or whether human reason should be accountable to nature, and so direct freedom according to the Natural Law.

Please go to Lisa’s site by clicking HERE to finish the article before listening to Bishop Morlino’s speech. This truly is the best starting place before listening to any of the information coming out of the Synod. Bishop Morlino is my Bishop and I know that his mission is a clarion call for Catholics to be faithful to Truth…no matter what.

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