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31 Meditations for Advent and Christmas Day Sixteen

14 December 2016

“The King Who is to come; O come let us adore Him.”


bvm 16One day all the servants of the King will appear before Him to receive the sentence of reward or punishment that they have deserved. None can escape the summons before that tribunal. There we shall stand with a perfectly vivid recollection of all our deeds, whether good or bad, and each will receive from the hands of our King his just recompense. Then there will be no hiding of any of our faults, no making of excuses, no petitioning for mercy. Our King, who is now our merciful and indulgent Friend, will then be our just and severe Judge. What reason I have to dread the day, which must come sooner or later, and how soon, I do not know.

This day may come upon me very suddenly. I may go to sleep in peace some night, and ere day breaks, find myself standing before the King’s tribunal. Even if I have some forewarning, how unlikely it is that I shall then have the same opportunities of preparing for it that I have now! Then I shall be feeble, and perhaps in severe pain, scarce able to reflect on anything. How foolish to put off until then my preparation for that dread account.

The sentence passed will be a final one. I must not forget that. No further opportunity of making amends, or expressing sorrow for the past, or of humbling ourselves for our manifold offenses and sins. We shall then see in our King, either one who will look upon us with looks of love, and with whom we shall dwell in happiness unspeakable through eternity; or else we shall shrink away in an agony of terror from our Judge.

Source: Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals

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