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31 Meditations for Advent and Christmas: Day Seventeen

15 December 2016


“The King Who is to come; O come let us adore Him.”


adoreOur King is not only our Master and Ruler, but also our Teacher in all that is of the greatest importance to our welfare. He says of Himself: “For this I came into the world, that I might give testimony to the truth.” He is always ready to teach us, if we look to Him for instruction and guidance. We cannot go wrong, so long as we carry out His precepts, and conform our opinions to what He has revealed to us. All our errors arise either from our ignorance, or from our ears being dulled by the din of the world, or by self-will and self-love, which deafen our ears to His voice when He teaches us what is true and right.

But it is not safe to trust to what we think is His voice speaking within us. It is easy here to deceive ourselves and to fancy we hear His voice, when we really are listening to the echoes of our own prejudices, or our own self-will. He has therefore provided an external voice, whose teaching none can mistake. His Priests and Bishops execute His authority. “He who hears you,” He says, “hears Me.” Am I thoroughly loyal to the Church in all her teaching, accepting it with unquestioning faith as the voice of my King and Master, Jesus Christ?

Our King also teaches us through the pages of Holy Scripture, of which God is the Author, and especially by all the discourses and parables, as recorded by the Evangelists. All these we must treasure up in our hearts as jewels of truth, and faithfully obey as the commands of our King. When we are not certain of their meaning, we must seek an explanation from those who teach in our King’s name, and accept it in a loyal spirit of submission.

Source: Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals

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