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31 Meditations for Advent and Christmas: Day Twenty

18 December 2016

“The King Who is to come; O come let us adore Him.”


IMM CONCEPT LitaniesThere are very few great and illustrious men whose greatness is not in some way derived from, or connected with, the great and noble qualities of their mothers. Let us see how far this is the case with Jesus Christ our King.

The Mother of our King was the only human being who never once swerved by one hair’s breadth from the will of God. Of all the millions who have trod the earth, she alone was entirely exempt from sin; she only earned to the full the blessing pronounced by her Son–“Whoever will do the will of God, the same is My father and sister and mother.” This was the reason why our King chose her as His abode when He came down to dwell on earth. Oh, that I were sinless, like Mary! but as this cannot be, I will ask her, in honor of her Divine Son, that all my sins may be washed away, and also, that I may henceforward always carry out what I know to be the will of God.

Ihe Mother of our King was the only woman who bore a son and yet remained a pure virgin, her childbearing consecrating, not impairing her virginity. This, miracle as it was, was but the natural result of her being the Mother of God. O unspotted and immaculate Mother, obtain for me that thy Son may pour into my heart a greater purity, that my heart may be less unworthy of the presence of Him who loved to dwell in thy spotless womb!

Jesus derived from Mary His Sacred Body; His flesh was formed of Mary’s flesh. And in return she derived from Him that splendor of grace and holiness that raised her body and soul to the height of Heaven.

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  1. I read many articles on the topic of Christmas and have not yet met such reasoning with which I would agree as with yours.

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