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A Call to Conversion: “I’m a woman of HUGE FAITH”

15 January 2015

By Crystal Rodriguez
Posted at Always Catholic Prayer Request Page
12 January 2015 A.D.

Hello everyone.

I was a little hesitant to post this thread because reading others about the same subject, the advice revived is “Break up with him & date a Catholic.” If I was born and raised Catholic I would probably take that advice. But I wasn’t.

ConversionI was raised non-denomination which is what my boyfriend and his family are. (His parents are church planners for the religion, his grandfather a preacher.) The reason I have so much faith in both him and his parents conversion is due to the fact that I, someone who has disliked the religion most all my life, had a radical conversion experience.

Long story short, I was going to move away across the country to become a pastor (non- denomination). I ended up becoming friends with a woman who is an amazing Catholic woman. Within that year I met Scott Hahn & had dinner with the Archbishop of Los Angeles Jose Gomez.

Against my mothers will, my boyfriend’s will & his parents will I converted last Easter Vigil. We actually broke up that week because my mother and his mother convinced him maybe it would change my mind. It was a very rough week, he apologized and we got back together shortly after.

I’ve loved this man and have been crazy about his family for going on five years. We wanted to get married within the next few years. The trouble is the religion thing. The more I am learning about the Catholic faith the more I realize the importance of being married in a Catholic Church.

I know I was stubborn for many years about being Catholic. But one day while studying early Church history it dawned on me that I AM TOO SMART TO NOT GET IT! I feel that same way about my boyfriend and his parents. His mom and dad are amazing parents and some of the very best Christians I have ever met. As of now, they are church hopping around because they feel most churches are straying from the Word. That’s true and its how I felt when I started to question things.

So I’m asking, actually I am begging you to pray for my boyfriend and his family. I don’t just want his conversion, I want all of theirs. I’m a woman of HUGE FAITH. Thank you for reading my book of a story.

God bless everyone!

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