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“Quo Vadis, America?” Our Version of #SB51 “HalfTime” Show

5 February 2017

Always Catholic volunteers are boycotting the Super Bowl for 2 Reasons.
1. “Lady” Gaga has repeatedly offended Our Lord with rants agianst His Church and her involvement in Thelema a satanic cult formed by known occult leader & satanist Aleister Crawley.

2. He support of abortion publicly (she is a baptized Catholic) ,and for using her limited public persona as an “entertainer” to be a bully pulpit for anti_Catholic forces. We reject the notion that entertainers (who by the way are TOTALLY DEPENDENT on the public for their income), to continue to politicize every chance they get. They do have the right to Free Speech but we have the right to REJECT it.

Here is our contribution to HALFTIME: Enjoy!

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