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Antidote to the "LeMonde's" of the world

A little while ago, we had to post the response to the horrid and heinous “cartoon” published by LeMonde in France. There are afew issues here that need to be addressed.

1. LeMonde is just one of many publications that have jumped on the Pope-hating bandwagon. The NY Times (Slimes) & our very own National Catholic Reporter have been doing this for the last few Popes. Doesn’t get LeMonde off the hook, it actually shows that those behind LeMond are even worse for it wimpy, hypocritical response so late in this Pope-bashing game. In fact, LeMond is so afraid of it’s ever-burdgeoning Muslim population they would NEVER dare to print a cartoon against Mohammed ot Islam.

2. Cartoon? These types of drawings with opinions are not cartoons. Cartoons are supposed to be funny. You know like Rocky and Bullwinkle and Phieas & Ferb funny. This junk is not or ever will be funny. What human being would think this is funny? the kind of human being that finds the drawing of the Pope funny or the young person in the image funny? NEITHER IS FUNNY. I have not seen this stupid and idiotic attempt at non-humor, I am going by written description.

3. Now, do you know what is really funny? You know, the kind of funny as in ironic? If the allies (as in U.S. and U.K. did not come to the rescue of this sorry French bunch, they would be speaking German today. Now, THAT IS IRONIC FUNNY, n’est pas?

BUT!!! I have been informed by our Roving Reporter @Iamblock that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Via Johnette Benkovic from EWTN here is a link we need to go to pronto:

Need we say more? Get going, show ’em this is how we roll…

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