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Why I am (still) a Catholic

Posted: April 26, 2010, 10:00 AM by NP Editor
by John Zucchi

To say the least, this is not a particularly felicitous moment to declare oneself a Catholic — not in my circles, in any case. I’m a professor and a department chair at McGill University. People sometimes wonder how a reasonable person like me can possibly still believe today. It is even more puzzling that I should be a Catholic. After all isn’t that the backward, authoritarian religion of hocus pocus, veneration of the Virgin Mary and all that? How can anyone follow the Catholic Church after the many scandals and all the — real and alleged — shortcomings in overseeing those abuse cases? A few years ago, my esteemed colleague and friend, Gil Troy, wrote an article spelling out “Why I am a Zionist.” I would like to explain why I am a Catholic.

In our multicultural society we are often inclined to look at religion as something merely cultural, an appendage to ethnic identity. If someone goes to church it’s because that’s the way he or she was brought up, it’s part of one’s baggage. I find that some of my acquaintances are almost shocked that I truly do believe, that I have a certainty regarding my faith.

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Post from the National Post,”Full Comment Page”.John Zucchi is a professor and chair of the Department of History at McGill University.

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