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Andrea Bocelli Tells a True Story About Abortion

By Dave Andrusko

When the topic is abortion, there’s too often a lot of grim stuff to write about. But not this time. This is beautiful, poignant news.

A friend forwarded a You Tube entry that had been sent along to her. It is misleadingly labeled “Andrea Bocelli Tells a ‘Fairy Tale’ about Abortion.” In fact it is a true story–Andrea Bocelli’s own story.

My guess is that most of our readers are familiar with Bocelli, whose beautiful tenor voice is a gift from God. According to published accounts, he’d always had problems with his sight and eventually was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. He lost his vision completely at age 12 following a blow to the head during a soccer game.

The video, which Bocelli filmed for a pro-life organization, begins with the 51-year-old Bocelli at the piano. He is speaking in Italian, with English subtitles. Thanks to my assistant, Regina Huber, for transcribing his comments.

So, for this occasion I want to tell you a little story. This is how the story goes: A young pregnant wife has been hospitalized for a simple attack of appendicitis. The doctors had to apply some ice on her stomach and when the treatments ended the doctors suggested that she abort the child. They told her it was the best solution because the baby would be born with some disability. But the young brave wife decided not to abort, and the child was born.

That woman was my mother, and I was the child. Maybe I’m partisan but I can say that it was the right choice.

And I hope this could encourage many mothers that sometime find themselves in difficult situations in those moments when life is complicated but want to save the life of their baby. ….

A lovely word of encouragement. For you, for me, and especially, perhaps, for a young woman at a very difficult time in her life.

You can watch the video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QfKCGTfn3o

Editors note: Andrea Bocelli singing Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus: http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/s/Mozart+Ave+Verum+Corpus+K+618/2CC9rB Enough said…. Sofia Guerra

Thanks to Pewsitter.com for this magnificent story.

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6 Comments to “Andrea Bocelli Tells a True Story About Abortion”

  1. I am the mother of 4 beautiful children. 2 of them have disabilities. Life is precious no matter what. No one here on this planet is perfect. The womb of a pregnant mom is a Sacred place where no interruption for any reason should happen. Family life is under attack. Beware!

  2. I just wanted anyone’s opinion on if I was in the wrong here, and what any of you guys would have done in this situation. So my wife is quite liberal and I’m more on the conservative side, and she’s about 3 months pregnant. She can’t work right now, so I’ve been forced to support her as of late. The thing is that about a week ago she started asking me if she could borrow $400, and being pretty secretive about the reason why. I soon found out that $400 was the average cost of a back alley abortion, which is ridiculous considering that she knows how vehemently pro-life I am. After refusing to give her the money and the countless hours of arguing that ensued, I ended up making a comment about how if she wanted to do something liberal with $400, she should take advantage of Obummer’s “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” so that “instead of murdering our kid, he can have satellite internet at a smashing price!” (I linked it so you can actually see it’s about $400 in taxpayer money that our President chose to waste on this crap, aren’t I so funny hah). The messed up part is that she went and told her dad, who happens to be just as liberal as her, and who also happens to own the house that we’re renting. To make a long story short, my tenancy has been “suspended” from his house (I’m now staying at my buddy’s place until this thing blows over) and he gave her the money to get the abortion. I haven’t talked to her in almost a week, so it’s pretty safe to say that she has already gone through with it. So my question is, do you think I was being inappropriate for mocking my wife and father in law’s political ideologies, or do you think I’m being unfairly persecuted because of my relative conservatism, and the Obummer joke I made has little to nothing to do with this? I’m thinking the latter.

    • You are a fool. She is your wife, not your child and deserves to be treated with some respect. Instead of assuming where and how the money would be spent you should have had an open conversation with her about it. My wife and I have a solid relationship built on trust and I would never make her beg me for household money, regardless of what it was intended for. Did you consider she was looking to do something entirely different with those funds? And possibly you weren’t removed from your home for your beliefs but in the way you treat your wife? Grow up and stop making all of us look bad by acting like a self absorbed bully.

  3. ACBlog:Ask a person who supports abortion, Hey u like Andrea Bocelli? Oh yeah, they say…Really? Read this: http://bit.ly/azTI1W #prolife

  4. ACBlog:Ask a person who supports abortion, Hey u like Andrea Bocelli? Oh yeah, they say…Really? Read this: http://bit.ly/azTI1W #prolife

  5. Andrea Bocelli Tells a True Story About Abortion – By Dave Andrusko When the topic is abortion, there's too of… http://ow.ly/17EHxu

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