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Sofia throwing a nutty…

Thanks, Father Z (WDTPRS.com) for never, ever,  letting “Father” Richard McBrien off the hook. Normally, I am just your average, run of the mill, Italiana with a hot temper…Today, after reading your latest post on McNut oh, excuse me, McBrien, my temper has blown off the scale to rage…Yes, rage.

Enough! Basta! When does Christ get a break from His own PRIESTS? From the public flogging they perpetrate on Him? Don’t we miserable laypeople do enough of that? Can’t our priests, those whose vocations were bought and paid for with the prayers and tears of their mothers, take a chill break and shut the hell up.Yeah, that’s right, SHUT THE HELL UP.

I’m talking to you McBrien. You’ve taken your Roman collar off years ago and traded it in for the fashionable Jesuit collar of a Brooks Brothers sports jacket and half-windsor so it’s on baby. No Roman collar…all bets are off!

Why don’t you take your should be retired butt to the golf course and pontificate over a martini at the 19th Hole? What’s sa matter? Not enough real Catholics there to destroy and bring to hell with you? Let me tell you something, Mr.McBrien here in Jersey you are chum. We eat guys like you for breakfast without burping.

Try this, why dont’ you..BE A MAN!! I know this is a foreign concept for you since even with your vow of celibacy you let women lead you around on a leash. Pretty hard to swallow since I presume you haven’t violated your vow of celibacy (doesn’t that mean not marrying and actually the vow of chastity is the real deal…?) so your obsession with all things women seems appropriate.

You are sickening. You are an embarrassment to the Church and to Her Founder, Jesus Christ. Yeah, I know, I’m uncharitable…but you sir, have the responsibility of the supreme law of the Church..the duty to save souls. How’s that going for ya? So, do us all a favor. Go away, you and the rest of your pantywaist progressive heretics like yourself. Give me a young priest with half your education, intellect and oh yes, PRIDE, anyday.. I know, I know, you mock them for their love of Benedict and the Traditional Mass. Did you ever consider they know just a little more about history than you do??

You are a fool, Richard McBrien and not a fool for Christ as St. Paul exhorts. Do yourself a real favor and just retire quietly to a monastery so we may pray for the salvation of your soul… and ours…

To Father Zuhlsdorf,

I know you do not like this type of thing, so I put it on my blog instead of being disrespectful of your combox. I hope you understand my frustration and hold me in prayer so I may find it in my heart to forgive McBrien. At this point, however, Father, I cannot. Pray for me.

Ad Majorem Dei gloriam,


From: Father Z’s Blog, WDTPRS.com:

McBrien wants the bishops to endorse Obamacare

CATEGORY: Emanations from Penumbras, SESSIUNCULA — Fr. John Zuhlsdorf @ 9:37 am

I am tired of writing that Richard McBrien doesn’t get it when it comes to abortion.

He does get it.

Face facts.

Richard McBrien supports “a woman’s right to choose.”

He should simply say it openly instead of writing articles pretending to be a Catholic.

McBrien’s latest article asks why – why oh why? – the U.S. Catholic bishops’ conference won’t drop its opposition to Obamacare.

After all… the President signed an executive order banning federal funding for elective abortions, right?!? The President, the President himself, promised he would sign it in order to get Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) and other so-called Prolife Democrats in the House of Representatives to agree to the Senate bill.

You remember all of this. We went through it ad nauseum in December and January.


Legal experts and the National Right to Life Committee warned at the time that any U.S. federal court could easily strike down an executive order when it conflicted with the intentions of a law of this nature passed by Congress.

The U.S. bishops didn’t fall for the President’s feint.

But the nuns did. Sofia’s emphasis…

Read on for the rest of this sickening story…

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