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Happy Birthday BattleBeads!!

by Ancient Soul

A year ago today, I sold the first BattleBeads Rosary. :) Hard to believe it’s a year later and I’m still getting special requests. Just got one today in fact regarding a 6 decade Brigittine Rosary that I’ll be making shortly. I always very much like to design something new or something uniquely custom … really looking forward to it! :)
I was going to let this anniversary go by, but decided not to after a dream I had last night that was completely unrelated to making rosaries and an email I just received from someone that found me after prayer to our Lady. I believe the dream was actually an answer to a petition that I’ve been praying about for a few months now. I had been asking to be led more deeply into our Lord’s Passion and to understand more and love Him more perfectly.
Upon retiring last night, I was thinking how FULL of grace Mary was and how at such a young age, she was able to accept such monumental tasks that were wrought with the possibility of dire consequences. I thought too about how she had to endure the swords piercing her Immaculate Heart that Simeon spoke of. I thought of her horror and anguish at learning Jesus had been arrested. I was brought to a place where I could barely watch as He was horrifically mauled, maltreated, humiliated and in torturous pain as He was being mocked carrying His Cross. How could Mary have stood this? Yes … grace, I know … but she was fully human! Watching this … standing at the foot of the Cross after watching them drive the nails into Him … hearing His WORDS to the Father, her and John … holding His Lifeless Precious Body in her arms when they took Him down and then the finality of placing Him in the tomb. I was just in awe … totally and literally. I fell asleep praying.

So, now my dream. Short .. but just as profound. Please read on at Battlebeads.com Blog

Editor’s Note: This post is so very dear to my heart. Mary (@Ancientsoul on Twitter) is the website designer at AlwaysCatholic.com as well as a contributor. We came together because of Twitter and because of her magnificent Rosaries. I humbly ask my followers to go to Battlebeads.com to see what I consider the most artistic Rosaries I have ever owned. The Rosaries are so beautiful to pray on that nothing less is acceptable for the Queen of Heaven. God Love you, Mary!! As ever, Sofia

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