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Sofia on Sabbatical…

15 September 2010

Just a short post to let our readers know that I have taken a short sabbatical and am in fact, okay. A wonderful event has taken place in my life. I have had a proposal of marriage which I have accepted and all will be happy to know that I am very very happy, as so is my fiance. There are some pressing personal issues that needed to be addressed at this time also, so it seemed a very good time to take some time off.

The marriage proposal was made on Twitter, (UNBELIEVABLE) where we met and was made in Italian, my family’s native language. My fiance knows how much I treasure my family heritage and made sure he starting learning Italian right away. You know, that’s a great sign of a generous person. He didn’t need to do that, but he knew that it would make me happy and would mean so much to me. These are the little things that are important to a marriage. In addition, we became very good friends from the beginning and shared everything like best buddies. That is the glue that really helps a marriage when times get tough.

Most importantly though, Christ and His Church is the part of the Covenant that both of us know that a marriage must have in order to be holy and long lasting. This is why I said yes.

I will be writing again this weekend and posting starting next week. thank you for your patience and know that I have all of you in my prayers, as always.

Pray for me and for my fiance. We will tell our story soon so keep reading AlwaysCatholicBlog!

Ad majorem Dei gloriam,


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  1. RT @GoRogueRunSarah: RT @alwayscatholic Sofia on Sabbatical… http://bit.ly/a2KZQk #Holy #marriage #sabbatical Thats Awesome !!! Congrats !!!

  2. RT @alwayscatholic Sofia on Sabbatical… http://bit.ly/a2KZQk #Holy #marriage #sabbatical Thats Awesome !!! Congrats !!!

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