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WOW…Nothing like the truth…via BattleBeadsBlog You go there, @AncientSoul!

22 October 2010

Why do Muslims only Live on ONE WAY STREETS??

by AncientSoul

Before I say anything .. have a look at a Muslim DANCING on High Altar at Florence Cathedral!
What do you think would happen if a Christian did something similar at a Mosque?

For some time now, I have noticed how one sided things appear from the Muslim world’s point of view. Couple things I can remember off the top of my head … I’m sure you can remember many more and that a search on Google will produce even more yet.

What about the Dutch cartoonist that had to practically go into hiding regarding a political cartoon about Mohammad? Then there’s the time they were ready to string up the Pope because he quoted a 14th century emperor who simply stated the truth about how violent they were. It’s ok for them to shoot rockets at Israel, but when Israel retaliates it’s wrong? How DARE Israel attempt to protect itself or stop the attacks on their citizens? They disperse themselves into ALL other countries .. why? Cuz they wanna make NICE? There is an agenda folks. He who has eyes, let them SEE!

I myself, and I venture to bet most of us, would not take up residency in another country and then demand that country to follow the codes and laws of the USA. We would not demand special rights so we could live as we did in our own country THAT WE JUST LEFT. If it’s that important to them, why did they leave in the first place? If that’s how they want to live, fine .. let them live like that in their OWN COUNTRY. But they want to force THEIR laws on us .. no, not just US … the WHOLE WORLD. They will not rest till the Islamic flag flies everywhere.

They say they are a peaceful nation. What they don’t say is that even the Koran says you will find contradictory statements in this book. When you do, you are to follow the most recently dated to be correct. Problem with this is that all the PEACEFUL stuff in the Koran was in the beginning of the book. The VIOLENT TAKEOVER POLICY comes later, is more recent and therefore is today’s law of the land.

We have all heard of the severe old testament type punishments for crimes … cutting off hands for stealing and certainly the stoning of adulterers, but are folks really aware that ANYONE that doesn’t believe as they do is an INFIDEL and by THEIR LAW (which they want IMPOSED IN THE USA AND EVERYWHERE ELSE) it states that all infidels must die unless they convert to Islam.

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Editor’s note: @Ancientsoul is part of the AlwaysCatholic family as well as having her own blog, BattleBeadsBlog. She has also produced the design for AlwaysCatholic and continues to keep AlwaysCatholic out there and running… for this we are forever grateful…
Great job, Mary..this piece ROCKS! Much love & prayers, Sofia

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