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Yes, Patrick it is the funnest place…

30 November 2010

From our friends, the Brothers Archbold…

Big CMR Thank You!

Matthew and I just wanted to pause and thank all of our readers, both new and old, for coming here each day. Thank you. Thank you very much.

As a result, we have had our best month ever here on CMR.

I meant to write a post a few weeks ago when we passed the 4 million unique visitor mark on CMR. I didn’t get around to it then and we are now just over 4.4 million unique visitors with just about 7 million page loads lifetime.

This all has made 2010 a remarkable year for the website passing the 2, 3, and 4 million unique visits marks just this year!

Matthew and I would never have guessed at this when we first started CMR.

Thank you everyone for your readership, your loyalty, and for making this the funnest place on the Catholic interwebs!!

May God bless all of you.

Posted by Patrick Archbold
November 30, 2010

Editor’s Note: AlwaysCatholic extends a big thank you and congratulations to Creative Minority Report for a job so well done!
Matthew and Patrick helped to launch AlwaysCatholic by responding to our call for help in our initial stages.In fact, Patrick was the very first visitor to our site!
They put us on their blogroll immediately and have continued to support AlwaysCatholic by publishing many of our posts on Creative Minority Reader.

The two reasons that we are becoming so well-received also on the Catholic blogosphere is because of the hard work of the staff of ACBlog but so importantly, the support of CMR.

Yes, Patrick it is the funnest place on the Catholic interweb but also the most charitable place with two guys that are a class act!

God Love you both!

Sofia & Company

Please visit my favorite brothers Matthew and Patrick at CreativeMinorityReport and at their blog at the National Catholic Register. They can also be found at Twitter @cmreport.

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