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The Christmas Birds via @AncientSoul

24 December 2016


was a particularly cold and blustery Christmas Eve this year ….. Carol
bundled up the children for Midnight Mass, and tried one last time to
encourage Jim to join them. Now, Jim was a kindly man; a good father a
loving husband … in fact, there was nothing anyone could say at all
against this upstanding civic leader!

Jim’s only
‘deficit’ (if you could call it that), was that
he chose not to go to Church ……………………….. ever.
It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in God.. it was simply that he felt ‘uncomfortable’
with structured religious activities of any sort, hence he avoided
them as much as possible.
At any rate, Carol and the children had left and Jim settled down in front
of a nice roaring fire with his slippers, the newspaper and a cup of his
favorite raspberry hot chocolate. This was HIS time to relax, with most
of the hustle bustle of the season behind him now, he relished the thought
to be alone and kick back!

He placed
his “reading” glasses auspiciously at the end of his nose and began to
peruse the newspaper. “THUMP”… “THUMP” he heard against the front of
the house. “hmmmmm, must be some kids having one last snowball battle
before Mass” he thought to himself with a grin, remembering his own

Again he
heard: “THUMP”…”THUMP”…. “THUMP”, but this time against the glass
of the new bow window just installed this past fall! He figured he’d better
stick his head out the door and have a chat with the kids before things
got out of hand. When he turned on the front light and looked out the
door there was noone in sight at all. Convinced that he needed MORE
rest and relaxation than he thought, he returned to his paper, his fire
and his (now) luke-warm raspberry hot chocolate.

No sooner
did he sit down, then once again, the “THUMPING” started; but this time
it was harder and more frequent. Determined to confront whoever was playing
games with him and robbing him of his solitude, he bundled himself up,
went out the back door and around the house to ‘catch ’em in the act’!!

As he made
his way around the house in the blustering wind, and snow storm, he marveled
as he recalled how, in his youth, he was impervious to such trivialities!

He rounded
the west corner of the house and could see plainly the front landing and
the bow window that he was attempting to protect. His plan of attack worked!
There were the villains right there in plain sight!! Much to his surprise
however, it was not a snowball fight at all … it was a group of cold,
frantic birds.

he heard, was their feeble attempt to find some shelter from the biting
storm that raged wildly. Jim’s heart melted at this pitiful sight!! He
ran to the barn, and put on the light, hoping that they would notice and
take shelter in there for the night ….. but HOW to get them IN
there? He ran in the house, grabbed a loaf of bread and made a trail of
crumbs from the front door to the barn, but – to no avail. He turned off
the front door light and paraded back and forth from there to the barn
with a flashlight, hoping the birds would follow him, but his strange
presence only served to frighten them and add to their misfortune.

in his frustration, and knowing that if he didn’t do SOMETHING to save
, they would surely DIE … he got a broom and attempted to SHOO
them into the barn. Unfortunately, this caused more havoc than the other
attempts, and left Jim standing there feeling completely helpless.

As he was
mulling over his feeble attempts and trying to find a way to make the
birds UNDERSTAND that he was trying to help them and bring them
to safety, he realized that whatever he did only served to frighten them.
He thought: “If I could only just become ONE OF THEM, then they
wouldn’t be afraid of me
, and I could make them understand that
I was only trying to ……… trying to ………. “

At that
very moment the Church bells rang, Jim realized that this was exactly
what Jesus had done for humankind. He became ONE OF US so
He could SHOW US THE WAY to salvation (“safety”). Jim fell to knees
in adoration of that Little Babe in the Manger and thanked God for the
Precious Gift of His SON on the first Christmas, so very
long ago!!

(He also started going to Church with the family
on a regular basis! )

not the
end …. it’s just ……….. the BEGINNING :-)

May the New Year be especially kind to US ALL!

Father, may Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Please
bless and protect our land, those we hold dear, those persecuted,
especially those suffering for You in the Middle East and other non
Christian nations. Comfort the afflicted and those that feel unloved
and neglected, particularly the lonely and abandoned young and old
ones. Abba, please give to the dying this day, a contrite heart and
the grace to at least beg Your Mercy with their last conscious thought
or dying breath. May all those who can’t speak for themselves, particularly
the unborn, have caregivers that love You and keep Your commandments,
that Your Perfect Will be done in all things. May jobs and homes be
found for those that are needy. May families grow in unity and love
rather than distance and hatred. More than anything, please give us
a heart and the grace to detach from the things that keep us from
closer union with You so that we may strive to focus on You and heaven
as we wait in joyful hope for You to return to make all things right.

Sweetest and most Glorious
Triune God, read our hearts and know that we adore you. Increase our
Faith, show us how to love You more perfectly, know You better and
trust and serve You always in all things. Keep us always in Your Perfect
Will and protect us from the evil ones that seek to lead us to perdition.
All good things come from You oh God Most High. We give You thanks
for everything we have ever received since the moment of our conception;
particularly our parents, family members, friends and those we hold
dear along with all placed in our path along the way, for our precious
Faith, life, love, hope and all that we can become for each other
by Your grace.

need to beg the Holy Spirit to engulf the minds and hearts of all
mankind to be open to the Truth, Love,
Mercy and Goodness of Christ our Lord, Savior and Triune God!
When you pray … do not forget your friends and loved ones; both
here on earth and those that have passed on.
May the Good Lord shower His most Choice Blessings on those that love
Him and
open the hearts and minds of those that are


blind and deaf.
May He have mercy on us all!

Keep the wicks
trimmed and the oil lamps full!

for Christmas or anytime!!

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